Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 964 - Do I look like a homewrecker

Chapter 964: Do I look like a homewrecker

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Nie Tang Xiao: “Are you really my daddy?”

For some reason, when the little fella asked this question, his voice sounded as though a burden had been lifted.

Si Ye Han: “…”

Si Ye Han also wanted to know the answer to this question.

After leaving the KTV, Ye Wanwan made a call to Han Xian Yu to thank him for helping out and then she let him know she had matters to attend to so she was leaving. She also arranged for Tang Bin and Song Qiang to drive the car back before entering Si Ye Han’s Cayenne.

Meanwhile, inside the reserved KTV room.

Han Xian Yu frowned as he told the others, “Ye Bai has matters to attend to so he left first!”

Gong Xu, who had managed to sneak back in, went pale. “What, he left? Oh dear, oh dear, will something bad happen to Ye-ge ge…?”

Han Xian Yu glanced at Gong Xu. “What happened?”

Gong Xu had a mournful expression as he clutched his little heart and whispered to Han Xian Yu, “Just now, I went out with Ye-ge ge and I saw Ye-ge ge’s boyfriend!”

“Ye Bai’s boyfriend?” Han Xian Yu murmured.

Gong Xu nodded. “Yeah, I don’t know where he suddenly came from but he was really scary when he looked at me. He looked ready to kill! I was nearly scared to death!”

Han Xian Yu: “What exactly did you do?”

Gong Xu instantly became mad. “What do you mean what did I do? I clearly didn’t do anything, okay?! Why are you looking at me like I’m a homewrecker… I… I only grabbed Ye-ge ge’s arm a bit… Can I not at least do that?”

After saying it aloud, he still felt a bit worried. “Xian Yu-ge, you don’t understand. That man’s expression was so terrifying; he looked like he was about to mass murder everyone. Will Ye-ge ge really be alright?”

Han Xian Yu appeared uneasy. However, this was a matter between a couple. It was best for outsiders not to get involved, otherwise the situation would only get messier.

Han Xian Yu let out a helpless sigh. “You know Ye Bai’s situation is special. You should keep some distance from him.”

Gong Xu replied, depressed, “Keep what distance? Even if Ye-ge ge likes men, he’s not interested in me at all…”

Han Xian Yu: “…”

At least he has some self-awareness…

He really hoped Ye Bai was going to be okay. He had a feeling that man wasn’t simple at all…

On the other side of the KTV building.

After Ye Wanwan entered the car, she took out her phone and quickly sent a text to Si Ye Han.

Once Si Ye Han reached the car, he opened the door and placed the little fella inside.

As he stood outside the car and was about to get in himself, his phone beeped to inform him of a text.

He opened it and it was a text sent from Ye Wanwan. [Ah-Jiu, later no matter what I say, please work with me! Please, please!!!]

After viewing the message, Si Ye Han frowned.

Ye Wanwan saw Si Ye Han’s expression through the window and grinded her teeth as she continued texting: [Darling, can’t you do this?]

Si Ye Han still didn’t respond.

Thus, Ye Wanwan continued texting.

[Baby, will you do it?]

[Beloved darling, I’m begging you!]

[Hubby, hubby, hubby?]

After sending the fourth text, Ye Wanwan finally received a reply.

[Most Beloved Darling: Fine.]

Ye Wanwan felt so relieved.

After Si Ye Han got into the car, the car steadily began to move.

The driver sat in the front with Xu Yi while Ye Wanwan, Nie Tang Xiao, and Si Ye Han all sat in the back.

The atmosphere inside the car was very strange…

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