Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 963 - Your son

Chapter 963: Your son

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So Miss Wanwan slept with a child…

Xu Yi thought the crisis had finally been averted. Who knew that in the next moment, he would hear the child call Ye Wanwan “Mommy”?

This is a hundred times worse than hearing Ye Wanwan slept with a man last night!

How does Miss Wanwan suddenly have a son who’s so big already?

Xu Yi stared at the boy who called Ye Wanwan “Mommy” as his brain tried to process everything…

After Nie Tang Xiao called out “Mommy,” his gaze turned to the man standing beside his Mommy.

Between the two of them, one had an icy demeanor and eyes coloured with shock while the other held a small jade-carved expression filled with deep thought and solemnity.

Ye Wanwan looked at the older one then at the younger one. A thought surfaced in her brain. What was going through my mind that convinced me to agree to help Nameless Nie?

At that moment, the changes on Si Ye Han’s face caused her scalp to tingle.

In this life or death situation, Ye Wanwan resolutely headed over to Tangtang and lifted him up. She then carried him over to Si Ye Han.

Si Ye Han looked at the girl in front of him and didn’t know what she was trying to do.

Ye Wanwan didn’t say anything else and passed the little fella into Si Ye Han’s arms. “Si Ye Han… This is… This is your son!”

Si Ye Han: “…”

Nie Tang Xiao: “…”

Xu Yi: “…” ???

What did Miss Wanwan just say?

Si Ye Han’s iciness converted into shock and for the first time, confusion appeared on his face as he stiffly held the soft little fella in his arms.

My… son?

Ye Wanwan quickly followed up by telling the little fella in Si Ye Han’s arms: “Tangtang, this is what I originally planned to tell you tomorrow, but now… I’ll introduce you to him. This is your dad!”

The little boy in Si Ye Han’s arms was as shocked as Si Ye Han. Their expressions were in sync.

Nie Tang Xiao muttered, “Daddy…?”

Ye Wanwan: “Yes! Correct!”

Si Ye Han: “…”

Xu Yi: “…”

May I know… What happened…

In a few short minutes, there were so many twists and turns that his brain was completely fried…

“*Cough* It’s not convenient to speak here. Let’s head back first then talk. Ha… Haha…” Ye Wanwan said as she urged them along. “Let’s go…”

She didn’t dare look Si Ye Han directly in the eye after telling this lie. Instead, she hurried over to walk in front and disappeared like the wind.

Behind her, Si Ye Han was left holding a little boy. The adult and the child were both left blinking.

Si Ye Han looked like he had something to say, but in the end, he could only continue carrying the child in his arms.

This was likely the first time in Si Ye Han’s life that he held a child. His positioning looked awkward and he didn’t seem to know where the arms and legs were supposed to be placed.

He helplessly chased after the girl who disappeared. As he did so, Si Ye Han carefully changed the way he held the child so the little fella would feel more comfortable in his arms.

Meanwhile, the little fella was observing him.

He didn’t like being touched by others and the way this person was holding him was very uncomfortable. He didn’t feel as comfortable as when his Mommy held him.

But… why don’t I dislike it…

Si Ye Han steadily moved forward with the child in his arms. Suddenly, the child spoke up…

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