Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 958 - Calm down a bit

Chapter 958: Calm down a bit

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Han Xian Yu approached the little fella closely and greeted him, “Tangtang, right? Nice to meet you!”

“Ge ge, nice to meet you!” the little fella replied politely.

Han Xian Yu glanced at his manager, Fei Yang. “Yang-ge, have the hotel prepare a kid’s meal.”

“OK!” Fei Yang nodded and quickly went to place the order.

Ye Wanwan: “Thanks!”

She hadn’t thought of preparing a meal for Tangtang herself.

After the screening, the production team still had a company dinner.

Very soon, the others were also done with their interviews. Ye Mu Fan walked in as he chatted with several workers.

After entering the room, Ye Mu Fan noticed the eye-catching little boy next to Ye Wanwan.


Ye Mu Fan immediately pulled Ye Wanwan to the side. “This is… the child you mentioned before?”


“Damn! Why did you bring him here?” Ye Mu Fan asked.

Ye Wanwan replied, “He just arrived in this country and isn’t used to everything yet. I can’t rest easy if I leave him alone at home. He’s only with me for a few days. He’s very obedient, so he won’t affect my work!”

Ye Mu Fan couldn’t help but start to develop a headache. “That isn’t the point, okay? Are you seriously viewing yourself as his real mother? Aren’t you overly dedicated?”

Ye Wanwan: “I promised I would take responsibility!”

Ye Mu Fan trailed off as suspicion appeared on his face. “This child…”

Ye Wanwan: “What is it?”

Ye Mu Fan quieted down. This child gave off the impression that he wasn’t from a regular family, and why did his facial features resemble his sister so much?

Ye Mu Fan couldn’t help but speak out: “Why do I get the feeling that this child looks like you?”

Ye Wanwan replied matter-of-factly, “Nonsense. That’s because I look like his real mom. Otherwise, his family wouldn’t have asked me to impersonate her.”

Not far away, Nie Tang Xiao was surrounded by employees who were trying to offer him candy. He glanced over at Ye Mu Fan and his expression warmed up a bit.

It was at this moment that an enthusiastic voice erupted from the door: “Mina-san! I’m back!”

Accompanying the exhilarated voice was a silhouette of bright yellow person skipping in.

Gong Xu’s outfit today was very hard to explain with words…

The guy was wearing a pair of ripped jeans with a bright yellow fur jacket. The jacket was from a top brand that mainly designed products for the runway. Although it was very popular, not many celebrities dared to wear it…

Because wearing it made them look like small yellow chickens. They would look both terrifying and plump. It would simply be a disaster.

There was once a daring singer who wore it once and as a result, he became a joke to everyone on the internet.

Gong Xu actually wore the yellow chicken jacket paired with an even more frightening black fishnet top underneath, but even though he was dressed like this, he exuded sexiness and seductiveness. Something rotten actually became something incredible.

“Hahaha, Ye-ge ge. Aren’t I a handsome and cunning chicken 1 today!!!” Gong Xu happily swept his fringe then like a yellow chick, he headed towards Ye Wanwan.

Before he was able to reach her, Ye Wanwan blocked him with one hand. “Calm down a bit…”

This guy is always so energetic while Luo Chen is too dull. Can’t these two even out a little?

“Oh! Ye-ge ge, do you not love me anymore? Aren’t I your most beloved darling?!” A certain someone began his daily whining.

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