Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 957 - I'm giving it to you

Chapter 957: I’m giving it to you

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Nie Tang Xiao cocked his small head, sizing up the youth in front of him.

Most beloved… darling?

Could it be this person…?

Could it be that I was created by him and Mommy?

This person was truly groomed by Ye Wanwan. His potential wasn’t bad and his attitude was great. Even though he was already an A-lister with countless fans, he didn’t put on any airs.

After finding out this was the child of Ye Wanwan’s brother, Luo Chen chatted even more fondly with Nie Tang Xiao and gave him candy.

Nie Tang Xiao held the candy and looked at his Mommy then at Luo Chen. The pair acted very familiar and in sync with one another as they discussed their work and scripts. He fell into deep thought.

At that moment, another pair of footsteps came from outside the door.

It was a person wearing an elegantly retro and white, plaid suit. He was carrying a bouquet of gorgeous lavender baby’s breath 1 as he walked in. Behind him were his assistant and a man who appeared to be his manager.

His assistant and manager were also carrying similar gifts and fresh flowers in their hands.

The person gave off a different vibe than Luo Chen. He exuded a warm feeling of familiarity and made Nie Tang Xiao feel inspired.

When Ye Wanwan saw this incoming person, she greeted him with a bit of shock. “Xian Yu, you’re already finished? This quickly?”

The reporters actually let him get away so quickly?

Han Xian Yu smiled slightly as he walked over. “Mhm, it’s finished. Thankfully, Gong Xu was there.”

When he finished speaking, he handed the bouquet in his hands to her.

Ye Wanwan glanced at the bouquet before her and blinked. “These flowers… were given to you by a fan?”

Han Xian Yu chuckled. “No, I’m giving these to you. You’ve worked hard!”

Ye Wanwan suddenly clutched her heart. She never imagined she would be flirted with. “Mr. Perfect! If your fans found out, they would be so jealous of me!”

Mr. Perfect!

Nie Tang Xiao’s ears perked up.

Han Xian Yu quietly observed the youth in front of him and replied, “The fans can only see us actors, who are at the front lines, but it’s alright. We all know the effort and struggles you all go through.”

He knew that the incident involving Xu Lin was irreversible and he had already prepared for the worst. However, he never imagined that this person could once again lead them back from the dead.

Ever since he met this person, this person kept creating miracles.

No matter how bright the actors shined from the outside, this person was the team’s true soul and spirit.

Ye Wanwan appreciated the flowers she received. “No wonder the fans call you an angel…”

Han Xian Yu is truly too warm-hearted!

He thought of everything and was considerate. He always took care of those around him and made them feel warm and appreciated.

Han Xian Yu watched Ye Bai caressing and glancing down at the lavender bouquet in his arms…

The warmth in his gaze made Han Xian Yu’s own heart skip a beat.

He was clearly a man, yet he was more gentle than actual girls…

Han Xian Yu was lost in his thoughts when suddenly, he felt a piercing gaze. After glancing around, he saw that the look came from a little boy behind Ye Bai.

Han Xian Yu: “Ye Bai, this is…?”

Since when did he have a kid?

“Ah, this is Tangtang. He’s my friend’s child…” Ye Wanwan explained things the same way as she did before.

Nie Tang Xiao stood beside his Mommy, sizing up Han Xian Yu. The caution he held towards him was ten times that of when he observed Luo Chen!

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