Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 946 - Mommy's great

Chapter 946: Mommy’s great

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Nameless Nie gulped hard. He stared at the obedient, adorable, sensible, warm, caring, attached and sweet little angel before him in shock.

“I say… ancestor… are you alright? What happened to you? Don’t scare me!”

Nie Tang Xiao was wearing the furry little white tiger one-piece pajamas and he was holding the edge of his mother’s top. He replied expressionlessly, “I’ve always been this way. Do you have a problem with that, uncle?”

Nameless Nie: “…”


Nameless Nie felt like he was going nuts with this game. “No way! How could that be? You’re obviously…”

Nameless Nie was interrupted before he could even finish…

Spray of Flowers: “That’s right!”

Devotee: “Exactly!”

Brick-moving foreigner: “He’s always been this way!”

Spray of Flowers: “Always been so obedient, cute and sensible!”

Devotee: “And warm, caring, attached and a sweet talker!”

Brick-moving foreigner: “He’s a little angel!”

Iceberg man: “…”

Nameless Nie: “…!!!”  F*ck! These bastards! They sold me out again!

Ye Wanwan was proud when she heard that. “That’s what I said! Tangtang is a little angel!”

Nie Tang Xiao’s dark and clear eyes subtly lit up when he heard that.

In the living room:

Nie Tang Xiao sat on the sofa while Nameless Nie and the others were squeezed opposite. They were sitting in a neat row with their backs straight.

Ye Wanwan looked at the little fella and said gently, “Baby, keep your uncle and his friends company, alright. Mommy will go prepare some tea ah!”

“Sure, mommy!” The little boy nodded obediently. When he nodded, the tiny ears on his hoodie shook at the same time – he was so adorable that the five people sitting opposite couldn’t even take it anymore.

Ye Wanwan went to the kitchen to prepare some fruit and drinks. She left them alone on purpose so that both uncle and nephew could chat alone.

The second Ye Wanwan turned around and left, the five people in the back raised their arms towards her retreating figure at the same time…

Hey, don’t go—

As expected, the moment Ye Wanwan left, the living room went silent and the air around them started to change.

Nie Tang Xiao was still wearing a cute outfit, but when Ye Wanwan wasn’t around, the aura from the little fella changed immediately.

After what felt like forever, Nameless Nie coughed lightly and finally tried to start a conversation. “Baby, how have you been these two days? What do you think about your mother?”

Nameless Nie was inevitably apprehensive and wasn’t sure if Ye Wanwan had blown her cover…

Nie Tang Xiao looked plainly at his uncle and said, “Please be mindful of the way you speak.”

Nameless Nie felt a chill on his back and immediately changed his words. “Oh oh… young master Tangtang, how have you been these two days? What do you think about your mother?”

Spray of Flowers looked at his master sympathetically. Captain is really brave, huh. He actually had the guts to call the kid “baby”!

The devotee and Little Sweetie looked at one another: “…”  Indeed, the little devil is still the little devil! No doubt!

Nie Tang Xiao: “Mommy’s great.”

When Nameless Nie heard that, he was quite surprised. It was rare that this fussy little sharp-tongued master would evaluate someone and say they were “great.”

Actually, he could tell that the little devil was quite fond of Ye Wanwan.

He didn’t expect the person he got to pretend to be the little devil’s mother would suit the little devil’s liking.

So this meant he resolved the crisis for now, right?

But there was still one very important thing…

Nameless Nie considered his words carefully and asked anxiously, “Then have you met your father?”

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