Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 945 - He's like that from the start

Chapter 945: He’s like that from the start

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At this very moment, it was as if there were hundreds and thousands of stampeding little tigers going through the minds of Nameless Nie and the others…

Upon seeing the unusual expressions on their faces, Ye Wanwan walked over anxiously. “Hey you guys, what’s with this reaction? Did I get it wrong?”

The group of five was still in a perilous state and couldn’t calm down. “…”

“Say something guys!” Ye Wanwan was panicking.

Nameless Nie took a glimpse at the little fella in the living room and was so moe-ed that he clutched his chest immediately. After some time, he lifted his head and spoke with much difficulty: “Famous Ye, what exactly did you do to our little devil, huh? Why’s he like that?”

Ye Wanwan blinked and looked very innocent. “Huh? I didn’t do anything – he was like that from the beginning!”

Nameless Nie: “…”

Ye Wanwan disregarded their strange reactions and was relieved she could finally confirm that she had the right kid. Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. “So I didn’t pick up the wrong kid, right? You guys are making a fuss over nothing. I was nearly scared to death!”

Nameless Nie: “…”  Who’s the one who was nearly scared to death, huh?

“Go inside and sit for a while,” Ye Wanwan said.

Nameless Nie immediately replied, “No no no, no need for that. We just needed to make sure you didn’t get the wrong kid!”

Ye Wanwan was speechless. “You’re already here! If you don’t say hi, are you really his uncle, huh?”

At that moment, Spray of Flowers raised his arm carefully. “Wait, is that really him?”

The devotee choked a little. “I think… we have to make sure. Right, captain?”

Brick-moving foreigner: “I think so too!”

Iceberg man: “…”

They were struggling to come to a decision when they heard a pair of footsteps. Swish – the window was pulled open.

All they saw was Nie Tang Xiao walking over. They didn’t even know when he saw them.

“AH—— SH*T!”

The sudden appearance of the little devil caused their souls to fly out of their bodies as they jumped three feet high. “Swish!” They were now all hiding behind Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan glanced at the people hiding behind her and her lips twitched subconsciously. “…”

Nie Tang Xiao’s gaze swept past the people behind Ye Wanwan and landed on Ye Wanwan. He lifted his little head as usual, leaned over and spoke in a cute and innocent voice: “Mommy!”

When Ye Wanwan saw Tangtang had changed into the pajamas she bought, her face flushed brightly – he was too adorable! She couldn’t help but squat and embrace the little fella in her arms. “Oh baby, you’re really too adorable!”

The group of five looked at Ye Wanwan who actually dared to hug the little devil. “…”

The little fella pursed his lips and asked nervously, “Mommy, do you like it?”

How could Ye Wanwan not like it? She wished she was the one who gave birth to this boy!

“Of course mommy likes it; mommy loves Tangtang the most!” Ye Wanwan tousled the little fella’s hair and gave him a peck on his soft and cute cheeks.

The little boy was stunned. He touched his face and there sparkling stars in his eyes. “Tangtang loves mommy the most too!”

The group of five, whose nerves were on the verge of going insane: “…”

“Ah, right, Tangtang. Your uncle and the others are here to see you!” Ye Wanwan finally remembered the five people who had been forgotten.

Currently, Nameless Nie and the others’ expressions were in more shock than before…

When Ye Wanwan saw Nameless Nie in a daze like a fool, she secretly kicked his leg and warned him in a low voice, “Hey, say something!”

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