Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 898 - I'm terrified

Chapter 898: I’m terrified

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Ye Wanwan went downstairs after showering. In the end, she saw Little Lolita sitting on the sofa, crying her eyes out.

“Jiaojiao, what’s going on?”

Little Lolita sobbed, “Master, in this drama series, the female lead contracted a terminal illness and the male lead died with her in the name of love – it’s too sad! Master, this male lead acts really well, it’s so touching…”

Ye Wanwan peeked at Little Lolita’s phone and was speechless.

The male lead was actually Gong Xu…

It was one of the most exaggerated melodramatic drama series Gong Xu had acted in during his early years; his acting was very awkward, yet this girl watched till she cried.

*Cough* “Continue watching then…”

Ye Wanwan took the disc and was about to head back upstairs when the fatty walked over attentively. “Master, master, the supper for tonight is spicy crayfish! Please wait a moment! It’ll be ready very soon!”

“Uh…” Ye Wanwan sniffed the alluring fragrance in the air and lowered her head to look at her waistline.

After these guys realized that using a beauty trap wouldn’t work, they started to change their strategy and bombarded her with delicacies instead. Her clothing size was just about to increase now.

Thankfully, Ye Wanwan forced herself to workout every single day. Otherwise, she would definitely return to being as fat as before.

At the same time, in the yard.

The three mercenaries had divided the tasks and after they were certain of the situation in the yard, they strode over and directly climbed over the wall.

After the two mercenaries left, the leader pushed aside the shrubs quietly and headed in the direction of the long-haired man and bearded man.

Alas, when the leader stretched his arms out to part the branches in front of him, two heads suddenly appeared before him and his two targets were squatting there, staring straight at him…

The long-haired guy got excited. “Aiyaya, Qiang-ge, look, look. There really is a little thief here! Qiang-ge, you’re amazing!”

Bearded man: “Of course!”

“You… you guys…” The mercenary was shocked, but he was well-trained and calmed himself down very quickly. He still looked brave upon being noticed.

Tsk, they actually think I’m a little thief? Seriously, ignorant people have no fear!

The old housekeeper was patrolling the area and walked past them when he saw the mercenary who broke inside. He was momentarily stunned as well and said, “What happened? Who is he?”

The long-haired man and bearded man shrugged their shoulders. “Who knows? Why don’t we take him in and see what he says?”

Finally, in the living room, the five servants were all held back.

Ye Wanwan was sitting on the sofa, waiting for her supper. She hadn’t expected three men in black shirts to come to her instead. They even captured her little crayfish – oh wait – her five subordinates too.

“Ah ah ah—— Master, Jiaojiao is terrified! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill Jiaojiao!” Little Lolita was grabbed by the neck by a ferocious-looking mercenary and she was crying fearfully.

Meanwhile, the fatty had a plate of little crayfish in his hand with a sharp knife pointed at his back.

The long-haired man, bearded man and old housekeeper were also brought inside and were monitored by the side.

“All of you, shut your mouths and give me some peace! You’re not allowed to make any noise. I can allow all of you live – this has nothing to do with you guys, understand?” the leader of the mercenaries bellowed out sternly.

The mercenary who had the fatty with him glanced at the servants who couldn’t fight back at all and mockingly said, “Tsk, this was such an easy mission, yet they hired three of us C-rank mercenaries…”

When Ye Wanwan heard that, she looked at the three men and her expression was indescribable.

Uh, three… C-rank mercenaries?

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