Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 897 - Held her in high regard

Chapter 897: Held her in high regard

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Late at night.

On the leather sofa, Si Ming Li glanced coldly at his confidant.”Have the arrangements been taken care of?”

“Old master, don’t worry. The people I dispatched are experts hired at a high price – no matter how skilled that woman is, she could never fend off so many attackers. Anyway, they’re all hired fighters, so we don’t have to appear in person at all; it’ll be done in complete secrecy and nobody will know it’s us.”

Si Ming Li said sternly, “Are you sure there’s nobody by that woman’s side protecting her?”

His confidant replied firmly, “I already double checked – the house where that woman lives only has five servants. Aside from the bodyguard, who might have some martial arts skills, the others are all old, weak and sickly – they’re not a threat at all. Since Si Ye Han will be going overseas soon with the Mu family, it’s the best chance for us to strike.”

Si Ming Li’s face darkened. “Do a clean job and remember, I want her alive.”


After his confidant left, Si Yi Qian, who was sitting on the opposite sofa, said, “Father, are you sure you want to capture that woman to threaten Si Ye Han?”

Si Ming Li sneered coldly and said frostily, “That bastard, Si Ye Han, was so harsh this time. If we don’t retaliate, he’ll really think we can be easily bullied!”

“No matter how useless Yi Jie is, he’s still my son. I really can’t stand that young guy and little sl*t always humiliating us. I want to see how important this woman is to Si Ye Han and how far he’ll go for her!”

Si Ming Li looked at his second son and said confidently, “Yi Qian, I know you’re careful, but the mercenaries I hired this time were all C grade and above – it’ll be difficult for that woman to butt in!”

The ranking of mercenaries in descending order was S, A, B, C, D, E, and F. Anyone who could join a mercenary group was highly skilled. It was exorbitant to hire an A-ranked mercenary and an S-ranked mercenary was akin to a phoenix feather and unicorn horn [1] – even if you had money, that didn’t mean you would be able to hire them.

Even the lowest-ranking ones came at a high price, not to mention how Si Ming Li offered a high price to hire three C-ranked mercenaries.

Using C-ranked mercenaries to capture that woman could be considered as viewing her with high regard.

With that thought, Si Yi Qian felt at ease.

As Si Ye Han was going overseas to discuss business, Ye Wanwan returned to the little house of Rose.

There was a fresh floral scent in the little house and everything was silent and peaceful as usual.

Ye Wanwan went upstairs to shower after she had her meal.

The housekeeper, Old Jiang, was carefully inspecting the doors and windows, Fatty Heidi was cleaning up the kitchen while stealing some food, and long-haired Tang Bin and bearded man Song Qiang were trimming the flowers and lazily patrolling the area. The lolita maid, Jiaojiao, was drooling as she clutched her phone and eagerly ogled a melodramatic idol drama series…

In the shadows of the yard, three figures approached them silently.

The leading mercenary said, “There’s an old man, a chef and a little maid inside the house – they all don’t have any fighting abilities. Only that gardener and security guard are middle-aged men; we’ll deal with those two first…”

The other mercenary next to him nodded, indicating agreement.

“Alright then. Joe, you go upstairs and Mack will deal with that chef. I’ll go deal with those two men!”


The three of them were about to take action when one of the mercenaries suddenly stared at the two men not far away and revealed a suspicious look. “Wait, wait…”

Why did he feel that the long-haired gardener and bearded security guard looked so familiar like he had seen them somewhere, huh…

“What is it?” The person next to him asked.

The mercenary shook his head and quickly withdrew his conjecture. “Nothing much… let’s act according to the plan!”

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