Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 852 - By your side forever

Chapter 852: By your side forever

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The fans were so excited that they were screaming and begging for more photos, begging to reveal their faces and even begging to debut…

[Damn damn damn! This guy is actually the boss of the company and not an artist?]

[What’s up with their boss looking so good, huh? Little bro, please debut! I have to be your VIP even if I have to go there to pick up garbage!] 

In the office, Ye Wanwan browsed through the comments on the post and was somewhat speechless.

Not only Xiao Yu Tong and Chai Yong Li, but even Ye Wanwan herself didn’t expect that this photo would cause such a huge reaction.

Gong Xu was laughing heartily by the side. “Hahahahaha… Ye-ge, I think they make a lot of sense – why don’t you just debut?!”

Ye Wanwan gave him side-eye. “Just looking after you is enough to keep me busy.”

Debut? I don’t want to be drowned in a certain someone’s sea of jealousy…

Meanwhile, at the entrance of Worldwide media:

Piercing screams from fans could be heard and countless crazy fans of Han Xian Yu were holding banners as the security guards blocked two sides to make way for Han Xian Yu.

“AHHHHH—— Han Xian Yu, Han Xian Yu, I love you!”

“Hubby, I miss you to death!”

Recently, Han Xian Yu was overseas for a confined filming and had just returned to the country today.

The second the car door opened, Han Xuan Yu got off slowly in his shades and mask. When he saw the fans at the entrance, he took off his mask and smiled warmly at everyone, waving at them.

The fans immediately screamed excitedly like they were about to faint.

After he greeted his fans, Han Xian Yu strode towards the company building and the smile on his face gradually disappeared. There was an icy-cold and angry aura around him.

His manager, Fei Yang, wiped his sweat. He carefully followed behind him and tried to explain, “Xian Yu, sorry about it. I really didn’t mean to hide the Ye Bai thing from you, but you were filming a crucial shot and I didn’t want you to be distracted!”

Han Xian Yu pulled out his phone and glanced disapprovingly at Fei Yang.

Fei Yang felt guilty and coughed lightly. “Alright, alright, I know you and Ye Bai are really close and was afraid you’d do something rash. Ye Bai fought with the company so badly and even took Gong Xu, Luo Chen and Felix away at the same time. Worldwide HQ also ordered that no artists from Worldwide should have any connections with Ye Bai…”

Fei Yang was anxiously trying to explain when he saw Han Xian Yu’s fingers tapping on Ye Bai’s personal Weibo.

Fei Yang was aghast. “Uh… Xian… Xian Yu… what are you doing… don’t…”

He hadn’t completed his sentence when Han Xian Yu shared Ye Bai’s Weibo post announcing the establishment of his company using his own account. He also swiftly typed a paragraph of words: [Congratulations on the birth of Age of the Immortals media – tigers live in the woods and dragons belong to the vast sea, but you belong to a bigger world! As long as you need me, I’ll be by your side forever!]

When Fei Yang saw the four words: “Your post was successful”…

Fei Yang immediately fell into despair and held his head. “…”

He knew this would happen…

y, Xian Yu is just too loyal, but I can’t blame him for it. After all, when he was at his lowest, when the company, his fans, and the whole world disregarded him, it was Ye Bai who saved him.

If it wasn’t for Ye Bai, who made vigorous efforts to turn the tide, maybe Han Xian Yu would now…

He couldn’t even dare to think what would’ve happened to Xian Yu if Ye Bai wasn’t there to handle the crisis that time…

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