Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 851 - Why's my phone so dirty

Chapter 851: Why’s my phone so dirty

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The photos from the third theme were taken at a scenic spot in city S. The two of them wore the same outfit from a certain well-known local brand and the photos were shot in a beautiful and secluded bamboo forest that had an ancient feeling to it.

[Damn! What are Luo Chen and Gong Xu wearing? They look too good, eh!]

[It’s a brand from our very own country. They have ladieswear as well. The prices aren’t too steep and the clothes look good, much better than those international big brand names!]

[The location of the shoot looks really good too! The background is too pretty! I feel like going on a vacation now!]

Let’s form a group and go together!]

After this group of images was freshly released, aside from the netizens commenting like crazy, the clothing brand that Gong Xu and Luo Chen wore and their shooting location also became popular.

However, nobody expected that the most explosive image wasn’t the one on the cover nor the photos from the third theme, but it was the company photo that Xiao Yu Tong suggested they take…

VIVI magazine official Weibo: An exclusive interview fresh out of the oven with a company photo. More exciting content in this upcoming issue of VIVI is waiting for you, oh~ @Ageoftheimmortalsmedia]

This Weibo post was very simple. It only had a short paragraph of words and a photo.

In the photo, Ye Wanwan was sitting on the sofa with one hand languidly supporting her head. Her lazy and careless eyes glanced casually at the camera and were as dazzling as the stars in the galaxy. Luo Chen was standing tall and straight and he stood next to her with a solemn expression. Meanwhile, Gong Xu didn’t have a necktie on his suit. The first two buttons on his suit were unfastened and he looked at the camera, glowing with vigor. Felix held a rose in his hand by the side and looked extremely elegant…

Initially, everyone was talking about how beautiful the bamboo forest was, but after seeing this photo, they were all dumbfounded.

In a certain office in Imperial City:


One of the female staff, who was slacking away, got so excited that she knocked over the cup on her desk. She didn’t even care and hurriedly sent this photo to the group chat with her colleagues.

“Hurry, go over to VIVI’ s official Weibo. The little editor has made another big move…”

At the same time, the number of comments under the post was continually increasing.

[AHHHHHHH! Damn! What did I just see?! Why’s my phone so dirty! VIVIsimply knows my old Fujoshi heart too well!]

[You told me this is a company photo? This is simply a feast for the eyes! I’m dying to know what company this is; I wanna work there! I wanna work there! I don’t even mind sweeping the floor!]

[I’ll go clean the toilets! Don’t fight with me for the toilets!]

[Sh*t, the above commenter is too shameless eh!]

[Little editor, please post more photos! Hand over the photos and we’ll spare your life!!!]

The number of shares, comments, and likes were increasing exponentially. Numerous “sight-seeing” [2] groups of screen-lickers [1] started looking for related information about this company. The number of fans on Ye Wanwan and Ye Mu Fan’s Weibo accounts started to soar as well.

The current situation for all four of their Weibo accounts right now was: Gong Xu was a blabbermouth, posting all sorts of nonsense every day; Luo Chen was a workaholic – almost every post was work-related, usually posting advertisements with brands he was working with; and Ye Mu Fan’s Weibo was filled with practical information and posts about styling. All three of their Weibos had numerous personal photos and almost every photo was shared by the “sight-seeing” group.

As for Ye Wanwan, she used Dazzling media’s Weibo to make posts from when she started working there and hadn’t created an account for herself until recently. She only created this Weibo after registering her own company. There weren’t any photos, not to mention a post… only an announcement about the establishment of Age of the Immortals media…

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