Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 824 - Just here to take my own people away

Chapter 824: Just here to take my own people away

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The two of them didn’t ask for Luo Chen’s opinion at all and changed the script right away.

Luo Chen clenched his fists tightly.

Working in the entertainment industry, this sort of incident was nothing out of the ordinary and he had gone through much worse…

However, ever since he his debut, he was very well-protected by Ye-ge and Ye-ge would never let him go through something like this. All he had to do normally was work hard and act well…

Cai Yong Sheng looked at Gong Xu casually. “Oh yes, Gong Xu, don’t forget to beat Luo Chen up immediately after kissing Lucy! Make it look realistic, understand? You should be quite good at this, right? Hahahaha…”

Gong Xu’s fists were so tightly clenched that his knuckles were cracking and his eyes were crimson red…

The director clapped eagerly. “Alright, alright, everyone, please go to your places and start getting ready!”

The games segment ended according to the script, during which Lucy Yang made all sorts of advances towards Luo Chen. Even Gong Xu couldn’t take it anymore, yet Luo Chen kept his cool and didn’t explode at all.

After the games ended, the host said in an exaggerated manner, “Wow! That’s amazing! Congratulations to Luo Chen and our Lucy on getting first place! Should Goddess Lucy reward Luo Chen with a hug?”

Lucy Yang said, abashed, “Thank you for taking care of me during the game, Luo Chen. I’m really happy we got first place! Luo Chen, thank you!”

Lucy Yang walked over to Luo Chen after speaking. It was as if she could already see how high the viewership would be after the show was aired…

Luo Chen stood in the same spot. His back stiffened while Gong Xu’s face was extremely gloomy and Ye Mu Fan’s face was filled with anxiety as well.

If they really acted according to the director’s script, Gong Xu and Luo Chen’s public personas would be completely ruined. Those rumors about them not getting along would become fact as well. Also, for Luo Chen, he could say goodbye to his “good boy” image…

Lucy Yang walked over to Luo Chen and appeared really shy as she leaned towards him…

“Darn it…” Ye Mu Fan was panicking.

Lucy Yang extended her arm to hug Luo Chen then took the chance to direct her lips toward his face eagerly.

Just as Lucy Yang’s lips were about to come into contact with Luo Chen, there was a “swish” and Luo Chen’s entire body was pulled back harshly——

Luo Chen only felt a sudden force pulling him back then he knocked onto someone. After that, there was a familiar aura that put him at ease…

Luo Chen turned around in disbelief and after taking a look at the person, his eyes constricted. “Ye… Ye-ge…”

All he saw was the man wearing a vintage design sky-green colored suit with exaggerated yet exquisite Chinese embroidery around the edges. A snow-white top peeked through his sleeves, revealing his slender fingers which were as translucent as jade. The corners of his mouth lifted upwards slightly as he looked disdainfully from the corner of his eyes with a languid and cold expression…

If they were in ancient times, this man before him was akin to an elegant, noble and unbridled aristocrat…

They didn’t know when Ye-ge showed up and before Lucy Yang could touch Luo Chen, he pulled Luo Chen back and shielded him.

“Ye-ge, you’re back!!!” Gong Xu exclaimed in excitement.

Everyone at the scene returned to their senses only when Gong Xu’s voice was heard.

Upon seeing that Ye Wanwan had appeared all of a sudden and even interrupted their shoot, Cai Yong Sheng’s expression changed. “Ye Bai, what do you think you’re doing?”

Ye Wanwan slowly revealed a plain smile and her voice was like a breeze from the mountains as she said, “Nothing much. I’m just here to take my own people away.”

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