Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 823 - First kiss on screen

Chapter 823: First kiss on screen

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Lucy Yang was furious. She put on a look of grievance but was laughing coldly in her heart.

What’s he complaining about? Even if he doesn’t want to, he still has to cooperate obediently!

The director chuckled. “Gong Xu, this is a requirement of the show; the show needs this! The audience loves watching these sorts of things! Please understand, okay?!”

Luo Chen sneered, “It was stated in the contract that there won’t be any physical contact.”

The director paid no attention and said, “Yes, but this kind of rule is directed toward females; you’re a grown man and if a girl wants to hug you, you’re the one benefiting from it, right!”

Luo Chen pursed his lips and before he could continue, Cai Yong Sheng walked over impatiently.

“Why do the both of you have so many problems? Do you know what professionalism is?! What cooperation is?! I thought Ye Bai was so capable as a gold medal manager, but as it turns out, he’s merely a bum – he actually groomed artists of this quality?” Seeing that he had great power in his hands, Cai Yong Sheng was becoming more and more emboldened.

Upon hearing the nasty remarks from Cai Yong Sheng about Ye Bai, Luo Chen was stunned and Gong Xu’s expression changed. Gong Xu charged towards him and grabbed Cai Yong Sheng by the collar. “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! TRY SAYING IT ONCE MORE FOR YOUR FATHER (ME)!”

Cai Yong Sheng scoffed. “Aiyo! What, you want to beat me up? Gong Xu, don’t blame me for not reminding you, but if I wanted to chase you out of the company right now, I could do it with just a few words. Without Worldwide, an artist like you who doesn’t have anything other than looks wouldn’t be worth a fart! Who the h*ll are you to make a scene, huh?”

Gong Xu tightened his grip instantly. “YOU…”

Cai Yong Sheng had difficulty breathing and he hurriedly threatened Gong Xu, “Go on! Keep making a scene! If anything happens, Ye Bai will be responsible for it! By then, you guys will see whether he can handle it! Your director Ye had quite a hard time before he could reach this status and with the two of you making a fuss, I’m afraid he won’t be able to keep his post oh, tsk tsk tsk…”

Gong Xu’s fingers loosened instinctively – what happened to him didn’t matter, but he was scared he would drag Ye Bai into it.

Ye Bai wasn’t like him. He didn’t treat the entertainment industry like a game, and Gong Xu knew how much Ye Bai valued this job…

Luo Chen was silent for a long while. Finally, he took a deep breath. “Got it, I will cooperate.”

Alas, Gong Xu’s fingers gradually loosened and he let go…

Cai Yong Sheng was delighted. He patted his collar and coughed lightly. “That’s the way! As long as you guys listen obediently, that’s good for everyone!”

He then said to the director, “Director, please proceed! Kids throw tantrums all the time; I hope you don’t mind it!”

“Alright, alright…” The director went to Cai Yong Sheng and lit his cigarette for him attentively as he whispered, “Director Cai, only you know what to do! The artists under your care are so submissive to you!”

Cai Yong Sheng laughed. “Of course, everything they have right now is from Worldwide and all the things Worldwide gives them can also be taken away anytime, so obviously they wouldn’t dare to disobey me.”

Cai Yong Sheng’s eyes lit up as he spoke. He was so excited that the fat on his face jiggled as he exclaimed, “Wait, wait, I have some inspiration – why don’t we get Lucy to kiss Luo Chen after hugging him as if she was unable to restrain herself? Wouldn’t that be more exciting? Director, what do you think?”

When the director heard that, he was obviously agreeable. “Not bad, not bad! Director Cai, your suggestion is fantastic! Fantastic!”

This was Luo Chen’s first kiss on screen! The viewership would definitely be sky high!

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