Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 812 - Who has the guts to replace the manager

Chapter 812: Who has the guts to replace the manager

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The second Ye Wanwan stood up, she felt a cramp in her calf and she knitted her brows.

Uh, why does my entire body ache so badly whenever I drink? Even my legs are cramping up this time…

What exactly did I do?

“Ye-ge, what’s wrong?” Luo Chen hurriedly asked.

Ye Wanwan replied casually, “Nothing. I might’ve exercised too hard – my leg is cramping up a little.”

“Ye-ge, take a seat.”

Luo Chen spoke while helping Ye Wanwan sit. He then hurriedly rolled up the sleeves of his expensive suit and knelt down in front of Ye Wanwan as he massaged her calf gently…

Seeing Luo Chen massaging her leg, Ye Wanwan said, “Luo Chen, I’m fine, you don’t have to do this!”

Things were very different for Luo Chen now – he was rising in fame and was one of the hottest stars who nobody even dared to approach. Everywhere he went, people respected and admired him.

However, no matter what his status was, he never changed his attitude towards her but instead, he was becoming even more respectful.

Luo Chen’s face was uncommonly stern. “Ye-ge, sit properly. Don’t move.”

Ye Wanwan didn’t have a choice and could only sit still.

Luo Chen’s massage was quite professional and not long afterward, Ye Wanwan felt her muscles becoming less tense.

Next to them, Gong Xu got mad when he saw this scene and he whined, “Hey… as*hole, as*hole! Luo Chen, you’re a bootlicker! This is crazy! You only know how to fight with me for attention! Ye-ge won’t be fooled by your little tricks! I’ll always be Ye-ge’s favorite baby!”

Seeing Gong Xu relapsing, Ye Wanwan was speechless.

Gong Xu was sulking when his phone got a WeChat notification. He tapped the message to take a look and got excited. “Wah, Ye-ge, you’re going to be promoted, eh!”

Ye Wanwan’s eyes shifted. “Promoted?”

Gong Xu exclaimed excitedly, “That’s right, that’s right. Tang Xing Huo received insider news that the former vice-president’s been transferred and you’re going to be promoted to be Dazzling Media’s vice-president! You’ll start your new post immediately!”

Hearing the news that she was going to be promoted, Ye Wanwan’s face fell instead.

It was such a major shift and they would be promoting her very soon, yet she wasn’t informed beforehand at all and was being moved so abruptly?

When Luo Chen heard that he asked, “Since Ye-ge will be promoted to be the vice-president, who’s going to replace Ye-ge’s as the director of talent recruitment?”

“Let me ask…” Gong Xu picked up his phone and sent Tang Xing Huo a text. A moment later, he received a reply. “He heard that Cai Yong Sheng, a manager from Worldwide Entertainment, Chu Hong Guang’s nephew, will be the one. Damn, that’s so annoying – why’s he relying on his family relations?”

The little assistant next to Gong Xu was somewhat speechless. She thought to herself: You’re the one who relies on your family relations the most, alright?

However, Gong Xu had fallen out with his family and could no longer rely on his connections. Thankfully, he was still quite popular and as long as he didn’t cause any trouble, there shouldn’t be any problems for now.

Ye Wanwan thought and murmured to herself, “Cai Yong Sheng…”

It was him indeed and he appeared sooner than she thought…

Tsk, it sounded really nice when they called it a “promotion,” but it was more like a demotion than a promotion as they seized power from her hands and she didn’t even need to think to know what that sly old fox, Chu Hong Guang, was up to – he simply wanted nothing more than to take everything away from her, bit by bit.

The “promotion” was perhaps only the beginning…

Luo Chen’s pupils constricted. “Are you sure it’s only a change in position? There won’t be a change in who’s managing us, right?”

When Gong Xu heard that, he froze and said immediately, “Obviously that’s impossible! Who has the guts to replace the manager I picked, huh?!”

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