Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 811 - It's not something you can learn

Chapter 811: It’s not something you can learn

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No wonder. She wondered why Shen Man Zhu would be so open all of a sudden. So it was that bastard who was behind this.

“Slam——” The office door was shoved open by someone.

Gong Xu rushed inside like a gust of wind. “Mina-san! Ohaiyo! Ye-ge, you’re finally back! I didn’t catch you yesterday and finally caught you here. Did you bring me a gift?! Quick, quick, quick, take it out!”

Ye Wanwan narrowed her eyes. “Gift? How about a big fat punch?”

Gong Xu blinked. “Huh? Why do you want to punch me? I was so obedient and well-behaved when you weren’t around! I only caused trouble five, uh no, thrice…”   U.pdated b.y NovelFull.Com

Wow, good job, kudos to you then…

The corners of Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched and she revealed a grin. She said softly, “I heard you said I liked girls who are more direct and wild? The wilder, the better?”

Gong Xu’s smile stiffened and only realized that Shen Man Zhu was present in the office as well. He knew at that point that she had betrayed him and he felt guilty immediately. He was so scared that he howled, “Ye-ge… I… I was wrong…” *Cries*

Shen Man Zhu finally realized she had been tricked by Gong Xu and started chasing him around and beating him up. “Great! Gong Xu, you actually lied to me! I was screwed over by you!!!”

“AHHH… don’t hit my face!” Gong Xu covered his face and scampered away like a rat.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Ye Wanwan said helplessly.

The two of them stopped, panting heavily.

At this moment, Gong Xu didn’t forget to fish for some juicy gossip as he leaned over to Shen Man Zhu and asked, “Eh, Shen Man Zhu, you really tried it? What did you do?”

Shen Man Zhu wanted to strangle him to death. She gritted her teeth, stared at him and whispered, “I stripped naked completely, yet Ye-ge didn’t even react at all – it was so embarrassing! It’s all your fault!”

“Wow… so explosive…” Gong Xu was surprised.

Uh, he didn’t react at all even when she was stark naked… it’s over, it’s over…

At first, he wanted to pull Ye-ge back… but didn’t think Ye-ge would be so gay that he couldn’t get any more gay…

Shen Man Zhu didn’t believe in Gong Xu’s word anymore. She stood in front of Ye Wanwan’s desk with defeat and asked, “So, Ye-ge, exactly what kind of girls do you go for?”

Gong Xu walked over and patted her shoulder. “Don’t ask anymore. It’s no use even if you knew – it’s not something you can learn…”

Shen Man Zhu was annoyed. “Get lost! How would you know that I wouldn’t be able to learn it?”

Gong Xu scanned her body. “Because you’re missing a body part…”

How are you going to learn to be a man?

Ye Wanwan glared at Gong Xu and hinted that it was time for him to stop before he went too far. Then she turned to Shen Man Zhu and said, “Sorry, Man Zhu, you should know that I have a girlfriend already.”

Shen Man Zhu exclaimed instantly, “I don’t mind!”

Ye Wanwan was stern. “But I do.”

Shen Man Zhu was taken aback and her face turned red. It was very normal for people in the industry to fool around with one another and for someone of her beauty, she had an endless stream of suitors. However, Ye-ge didn’t want her even after she threw herself at him.

She didn’t think Ye Bai was still so clean and pure after being in the industry, especially considering his status.

Tsk, annoying, why didn’t I meet such a rare species earlier…


Luo Chen’s voice came from the door.

Luo Chen had a few little assistants following him around. He was dressed in an extremely formal suit and had obviously come straight from an event that he didn’t even have time to change.

Ye Wanwan: “Luo Chen, are you still busy? I was about to find you…”

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