Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 807 - The great devil uses the ultimate move!

Chapter 807: The great devil uses the ultimate move!

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In the deepest part of the grove in Jin garden:

Upon hearing the tiger’s roar from afar, the Dark Team guards had strange looks on their faces. “Uh, what’s that sound?”

Eleven mumbled, “Sounds like Slaughter…”

“Slaughter’s roar sounded quite miserable – what happened?”

“Did he get captured by Miss Wanwan?”

“Uh, that’s… that’s really terrible…”

Everyone looked at one another in terror. “She didn’t even let a tiger off… she’s simply… simply a beast…”

Poor Slaughter…

Upon hearing one roar after another, the group of guards started shivering as they hid in the dark…

We must hide well! We can’t… can’t let Miss Wanwan find us…

At the same time, Si Ye Han was confronted by a woman and a tiger.

Si Ye Han: “Wanwan, let Slaughter go.”

Si Ye Han’s words fell on deaf ears. She continued stroking the big cat happily. “Tsk tsk tsk, so soft, so comfy! Baby, you feel so good…”

Feels so good…?

Si Ye Han’s eyes darkened further and he said in a frosty tone, “Wanwan, come here.”

Ye Wanwan hugged Great White and didn’t let go. “No, no! I want to be with Great White! I want to sleep together with Great White!”

Sleep together…

Si Ye Han stared at the girl who stuck herself to the white tiger like a baby and the air around him turned colder.  U.p.dated by novelfull.Com

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t sense a thing and was still basking in the delight of stroking the cat.

She had yearned to touch Great White in this way for such a long time and now that she could do it, she obviously wasn’t going to let go so easily!

Si Ye Han urged her again, “Wanwan, this is your last chance.”

The effects of the alcohol were kicking in and Ye Wanwan was becoming dizzier. She found the voice in her ear rather annoying and while she was in a daze, she turned to the shadow hidden behind the leaves, upset, “Who are you… you’re noisy… you’re disturbing me and Great White…”

Si Ye Han: “…”

A gust of wind blew, rustling the leaves.

Ye Wanwan suddenly felt chilly and let out a sneeze.

Just at that moment, that man, who was interrupting her time with Great White, walked over slowly and came out of the shadows…

Then the man’s cold face of unparalleled beauty, who looked as if he had been banished from heaven, appeared under the moonlight. The background was smudged into an ink-and-wash painting.

His brows seemed to be smoking. He had a high nose bridge, ice-cold eyes and thin lips in the shade of the cherry blossoms in March, and he held a gaze like he despised all living creatures…

“…” Ye Wanwan stared at him in awe.

Si Ye Han stopped when he was five steps away from Ye Wanwan then his long and fair fingers touched his collar. His fingers moved slightly and “click” – a black button was undone between his fingers…

The first one…

Then, the second one…

After the second button was undone, Si Ye Han pulled on his collar, revealing a small section of his charming collarbone…

His self-restraint was immediately turned into an entirely different charm…

Ye Wanwan stared at the beauty before her eyes without blinking at all. She couldn’t move her eyes away.

The moment the third button was unfastened, Si Ye Han lifted his gaze. His eyes glimmered in the dark night like the stars and moon. He turned towards her and at the same time, he opened his thin lips and said once more, “Come here.”


The moment Si Ye Han spoke, Ye Wanwan released the white tiger and stood up instantly as she spun and darted towards the beauty…

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