Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 806 - Let's sleep together, alright?

Chapter 806: Let’s sleep together, alright?

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In the deepest part of the little grove in Jin garden.

The Dark Team guards, who were on duty, were struggling as they crouched together to take refuge.

“Captain, when can we return?”

Feng Xuan Yi scratched his head. “I… I don’t… know… either…”

Eleven sighed. “I think we need to wait till at least tomorrow morning when Miss Wanwan is completely sober.”

The others nodded and agreed, “En en, for our safety, we should stay out here longer! Miss Wanwan is terrifying when she gets drunk and wild…”

Furthermore, Ye Wanwan had undergone special training and her skills would definitely have advanced to another level compared to that time at the bar.

“I don’t ever want to fight with the drunken Miss Wanwan again…”

The garden and courtyard of Jin garden were extremely huge. For the drunk Ye Wanwan, it was just like a maze.

Probably because she had a bit of wine, she felt warm all over and her fists were itching – she really wanted to find someone to fight with.

However, she had been walking around for a long time, yet she couldn’t even find a shadow…

Ye Wanwan was getting frustrated.

Annoying… why isn’t there anyone here?!

Ye Wanwan was walking around, intoxicated. Suddenly, she saw a big ball of silvery-white hair under the tree.


That is…

Ye Wanwan was instantly attracted to the silvery-white and fluffy object that her eyes lit up immediately. She skipped towards the big tree and jogged over swiftly.

After she got closer, all she saw was a big white tiger with silvery-white hair lying under the big tree, sleeping.

The white tiger looked sleek and shiny. His big head was resting against his meaty paws and the tips of his ears would twitch a little from time to time. He slowly opened his eyes, probably because he sensed someone nearby and he revealed a pair of pale blue pupils, cold and vigilant.

Once the great white tiger saw Ye Wanwan, he laid back to rest once again, uninterested.


Probably because she had too much to drink and forgot about her fears, Ye Wanwan pounced onto the white tiger like an arrow then “poof,” she buried her entire head into the white tiger’s soft fur and rubbed her face against it, absolutely unrestrained.

At the same time, in the house:

Si Ye Han went upstairs with the peanuts, but in the end, the room was empty, Ye Wanwan wasn’t there and the window was wide open.

“Darn it…” Si Ye Han’s expression changed in an instant.

Knew I shouldn’t have lowered my guard around her at all.

Si Ye Han hurriedly rushed downstairs to look for her.

In the end, he looked all around the courtyard and couldn’t find her. He had no clue where she went either.

Just as he was panicking, he could hear Slaughter’s roar from the little garden——


Slaughter’s roaring?

Si Ye Han hurriedly ran in the direction of the sound and went around the shrubs. Then he finally saw Slaughter being hugged by Ye Wanwan and she was rubbing his fur continuously.

In just a moment, Slaughter’s sleek and smooth hair was a mess from all the touching and rubbing, and he looked like he was on the verge of swallowing her up. “ROAR——”

DUMB HUMANS – can’t you see what your woman is doing? I’m completely defiled.

Ye Wanwan rolled around on Great White’s body. “Ah ah ah! Great White, you’re so soft, so comfy! Great White, let’s sleep together tonight, alright?”

“…” Si Ye Han looked at the scene in front of him and he was about to break down.

He had given everyone the heads up but forgot there was still a white tiger on the loose…

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