Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 803 - Get him drunk

Chapter 803: Get him drunk

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Although Ye Hong Wei was getting older, he still placed great importance on his status and what Mei Xuan said tonight was enough to sow a grudge in the old man’s heart…

Late at night, Ye residence.

Tan Yi Lan furrowed her brows. “Hong Wei, what do you think about the incident this evening? Liang Mei Xuan and Yiyi insisted Wanwan was deliberately slandering them and I think that with Mei Xuan’s character, she wouldn’t have said those things. Also, Yiyi could bear witness…”

The old man scoffed, “Yiyi would obviously speak up for her mother and as for Wanwan, do you really think that girl would have the brains to plot against people? Mei Xuan probably did say those things!”

Tan Yi Lan thought about it again – this little granddaughter of hers was very reckless and impulsive; she only knew how to make noise and wouldn’t really have the brains to scheme and play with people’s minds.

The old man pondered it and said, “Mei Xuan is becoming quite greedy and ambitious – I’m not dead yet, but she’s already beginning to look forward to that day so that she can take complete control!”

Tan Yi Lan said, “Mei Xuan did have some conflicts with Wan Jun and she might’ve made some nasty comments when she was mad. But this child has always been very filial and wouldn’t have cursed us, I think Wanwan exaggerated a little.”

The old man sneered, “Even if she didn’t say it, do you dare guarantee that Shao An and his wife didn’t have those thoughts?”

Tan Yi Lan sighed. “Actually, it’s not wrong to want to have more power. The Ye family can’t rely on the main branch anymore and can only rely on the extended family’s support. It’s only a matter of time that they would take over and inherit control of the Ye family…”

The old man’s eyes flashed. “That’s not necessarily true!”

His eldest son messed up and disappointed him while his grandson was ignorant and incompetent, a hopeless case. As for his intemperate granddaughter, there was nothing much he needed to say about her. The entire main branch was preposterous.

He didn’t want the blood, sweat, and tears he worked hard for his entire life to be ruined in the hands of the next generation, so he wouldn’t hesitate to punish his own family if justice demanded it. But it wasn’t the end yet and until now, the successor hadn’t been selected.

“I see that Mu Fan and Wanwan’s performance has been great lately!” the old man muttered.

Tan Yi Lan agreed, “If Mu Fan could really come around, that would be best, but I’m afraid that with his character, he won’t last long – it’s not like this hasn’t happened before.”

The old man said, “Don’t rush, we’ll wait and see.”

Pearl River Regal Riviera:

After Ye Wanwan arrived at the apartment, she stopped the car and dropped Ye Mu Fan off. “We’re here. You can get off now.”

“You’re not going back?” Ye Mu Fan knitted his brows.

Ye Wanwan: “Nope, I’ve got a date.”

Ye Mu Fan was irritated. “Are you kidding me? You guys just came back from holiday and are still sticking to each other every single day – don’t you find it a bore?!”

Ye Wanwan scoffed, “Single dogs like you won’t get it.”

The fact was that she and Si Ye Han hadn’t actually returned from a trip together since she went to Myanmar alone. As the saying went, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” She left quite abruptly last night so naturally, she had to make up for it tonight.

“Damn…” Ye Mu Fan felt stabbed in the heart. He didn’t think he would actually live to see this day when someone would call him a single dog.

Ye Mu Fan was about to leave when Ye Wanwan turned and stopped him. “Ah, wait wait, ge. I heard that someone gave you a nice bottle of wine?”

Lately, things were going smoothly and they even managed to “abuse” Liang Mei Xuan today. She was in a good mood and had a sudden urge to drink a little alcohol.

Just like how she suddenly wanted to eat almond cakes./ NovelFull.Com

Ye Mu Fan looked at her, confused. “Yes, someone gave me a bottle of Romanee-Conti – what are you thinking?”

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