Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 802 - Simply out of this world

Chapter 802: Simply out of this world

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Ye Wanwan started sobbing. “2nd aunt, she… she even threw the bracelet I gave her just now and said she disliked such cheap things and felt disgusted wearing it – I specifically bought it for her using an entire month’s salary so I was really mad and confronted her, but in the end, she pushed me…”

“Wretch! You… you’re making this up!” Liang Mei Xuan was furious. She hurriedly turned to the two elderly and explained, “Dad, mom, how could that be? I didn’t push her at all! She was the one who slapped me twice!”

Tears started rolling down Ye Wanwan’s cheeks. “2nd aunt, you’ve got to speak with a conscience. If you didn’t go overboard with your words, if you… if you didn’t say grandpa and grandma would die someday – why would I be so mad that I hit you?”

“Also, if you didn’t push me, then did I push myself to the ground? If you’re not the one who threw that bracelet, then was I the one who pulled it off your wrist and threw it on the ground? 2nd aunt, you’re being a big bully!”

“…!” Liang Mei Xuan was dumbfounded. Her eyes widened and she nearly vomited blood from anger.

She did fall over herself and she was the one who pulled the bracelet off my wrist then threw it on the ground, okay!

She only called them “little bastards,” yet Ye Wanwan came up with so many other stories and drove a wedge between her and the two elderly with every word.

The two elderly didn’t quite believe what Ye Wanwan said at first, but listening up to this point and seeing the beads of jade scattered all over the floor, they were already 70% convinced.

If it was the Ye Wanwan from her previous life, the two elderly would never have believed a word but Ye Wanwan’s performance had been pretty good lately and they were very satisfied with her tonight, so her words were more credible.

Ye Hong Wei looked at Liang Mei Xuan sternly.

These past few years, the extended family had indeed held quite a lot of power and was becoming very arrogant, like no one else mattered.

I’m not dead yet, eh. How could she say she’s the one who calls the shots in the house? Who gave her this authority?!

Although the extended family would inherit this household sooner or later, Ye Hong Wei was still upset…

“Dad, mom, don’t believe anything this wretch said. This wretch is trying to drag me down – I swear I never said those words…”

“That’s right. Grandpa, grandma, I can attest to that!” Ye Yiyi hurriedly chimed in.

Ye Wanwan wiped her tears and stood up. She bent over and picked up the beads of jade on the floor one by one. Ye Wanwan didn’t attempt an explanation at all. Instead, she said, “Grandma, grandma, I’m sorry, I caused trouble for all of you again. I thought this was my home and I was trying really hard to change to fit in with this family. I even… let go of the love of my life… but now, I guess I was wrong…”

“Ge, let’s go…”

“Ah? Oh…” When Ye Wanwan called him, Ye Mu Fan finally returned to his senses and followed his sister in a daze.

Once they left the old residence.

The moment they got into the car, Ye Wanwan bounced back to her languid and casual attitude as if that little pitiful girl, who suffered and was bullied, was simply from Ye Mu Fan’s imagination.

Ye Mu Fan gulped. “Damn… I thought I was a great actor and was immeasurably satisfied with my performance last time, but after watching yours, I finally know the level of acting skills a movie queen has! It’s simply out of this world! I was stunned and wasn’t mentally prepared at all. You should’ve at least given me a warning eh…”

Ye Wanwan tossed the beads of jade in her palm and said indifferently, “I was just letting them have a taste of their own medicine.”/ NovelFull.Com

This mother and daughter duo love acting, right?

We shall see who’s the better actor, then.

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