Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 743: Do you have an illegitimate child?

Chapter 743: Do you have an illegitimate child?

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"Famous Ye, how could you say that?!" Nameless Nie's attitude made a 180-degree turn and he forced on a smile. "Those rules I mentioned just now only apply to other people; they don't apply to you at all. Also, being a bodyguard isn't against the law and we might not have to use violence, right?!"

Devotee: "..."

Spray of Flowers: "..."

Brick-moving foreigner: "..."

Beautiful iceberg man: "?"

Ye Wanwan looked at Nameless Nie and smiled plainly. "Forget it. It feels like I'm forcing all of you. Furthermore, it's against your principles to use violence."

"No, not at all! We don't feel forced at all!" Nameless Nie shook his head non-stop. "We're very willing to be Famous Ye's bodyguards. You'll be taking care of our meals and plane tickets... where else could we find such a great deal, huh?"

"Really?" Ye Wanwan smiled.

"Of course!" Nameless Nie was resolute. He glanced at the others. "Am I right?"

Spray of Flowers: "Captain is right!"

Devotee: "Of course."

Brick-moving foreigner: "Increase our pay..."

Beautiful iceberg man: "?"

"But how about... giving us more money, huh? Famous Ye, look, H city is too messy - how about increasing our pay by $500?" Nameless Nie leaned towards Ye Wanwan and chuckled lightly.

Initially, Ye Wanwan wanted to increase their pay by $1,000 each, but since Nameless Nie only asked for $500, she agreed to it.

"I came to H city to speculate in precious stones..."

Ye Wanwan then told Nameless Nie and the others about the ins and outs of her visit there

After their discussion, Ye Wanwan arranged a suite for each of them at the same hotel.

With each of them settled in their rooms, Ye Wanwan could finally relax.

Actually, she asked Nameless Nie and the others to come along this time mainly to cheat... no, to save that gang of fugitives and rebels.

Obviously, this would be quite complicated and Ye Wanwan planned to work on a nice speech before telling Nameless Nie and the others about it the next day. Otherwise, if she made any mistakes, Nameless Nie might bring up the issue of his principles again, unwilling to use violence and simply leave - that wasn't what she wanted at all.


Late at night, Ye Wanwan laid on her bed and the image of that arrogant little boy appeared in her head subconsciously.

That little face really puzzled Ye Wanwan.

That child's attitude and mannerisms were too similar to Si Ye Han's...

Is it possible...

Si Ye Han... is actually that wild man Nameless Nie mentioned - that little boy's father?!

The more Ye Wanwan thought about it, the more she felt that the two of them were two peas in a pod - even the way they dressed and spoke were exactly the same!

"He can't be his illegitimate son, right...?" Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows and rolled around on the bed. She couldn't sleep at all and her mind started to wander.

While Ye Wanwan was deep in thought, her phone rang. Si Ye Han had sent her a text message.

Si Ye Han: [Are you asleep?]

Ye Wanwan typed a reply rapidly on her phone: [Don't ask whether I'm asleep or not. I have something I need to ask you first!]

Si Ye Han replied in seconds: [Shoot.]

Ye Wanwan continued typing: [Let me ask you - do you have any other women other than me?]

After she sent that message, her phone went silent for a moment.


That was a notification informing her of a new message.

Si Ye Han replied: [No.]

Ye Wanwan: [You better think carefully - maybe you even had an illegitimate son with a wild woman!]

Si Ye Han: [...]

Si Ye Han almost never used the ellipsis, but this ellipsis accurately represented how speechless he felt.

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