Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 742: Haggle

Chapter 742: Haggle

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"So, boss Ye, what roles do we have to play this time? Are we still playing a walk-on part... could you give us better roles? I think I can be a martial arts superstar. Of course, if the character is a martial arts superstar who cross-dresses, that would be better. I can play the role of a heroine, a female devil... a notorious female bandit leader or a female general, etcetera!" Spray of Flowers, who was dressed in a bright red top and was prettier than a girl, quickly leaned forward eagerly.

"Me too!" The brick-moving foreigner raised his hand.

Ye Wanwan looked at this group of rare species and was speechless.

She had to say that the appearances of this little devotee and Spray of Flowers were really original and not conventional; if they underwent transformations... they could definitely become popular rookies. After all, they had quite good foundations.

Ye Wanwan scanned around the room. The most qualified ones were the iceberg beauty, who enjoyed playing dead, as well as Nameless Nie...

If she allowed this iceberg beauty to act like a corpse, he would most likely receive the best actor award, but if she made him act in other roles, he could forget about ever winning.

She hadn't seen anyone lazier than him...

And Nameless Nie had more of a "sunshine boy" [1] image - he was also quite good-looking and when he spoke, he could eliminate all the other young rookies in a second.

With those thoughts in mind, Ye Wanwan stared at them, starry-eyed - why hadn't she noticed this before?!

These people were hidden treasures!

Ye Wanwan was confident that if she signed a contract with them, she would definitely be able to groom them.

Of course, that was just her opinion...

"Boss Ye, I remember this H city as a city of gambling on stones - are you guys filming a movie about the speculation of precious stones?" the devotee asked out of curiosity.

Ye Wanwan returned to her senses. Her eyes lit up and she smiled. "Actually, I didn't get you guys to come over to film a movie or drama series this time. Instead, I want all of you to be my bodyguards."


Upon hearing what Ye Wanwan said, the devotee and Spray of Flowers looked at each another.

"Boss Ye, you weren't very honest. We thought we were going to film a movie!" Spray of Flowers looked very reluctant. "We need an increase in our pay if you want us to be your bodyguards... $2,000 isn't enough."

"That's right! You'll have to pay us more!" The brick-moving foreigner nodded repeatedly.

"Pay more!?" Nameless Nie frowned and looked sharply at them.

After what Nameless Nie said, the devotee and brick-moving foreigner tactfully shut their mouths.

"Famous Ye, it's like this - we have rules and we don't use violence or do anything illegal. Even if we have to starve to death, we will never do those things." Nameless Nie turned to the devotee and Spray of Flowers. "Am I right or not?!"

Devotee: "Yes."

Spray of Flowers: "Yes."

The two of them were in low spirits.

They finally found a high-paying job assignment with plane tickets, meals and lodging provided, and each of them would be able to earn $2,000 - they just had to be her bodyguards, right? Couldn't they do that...?

Great, what a waste of time.

"Are you sure?" Ye Wanwan smiled faintly and looked straight at Nameless Nie.

"Of course I'm sure." Nameless Nie nodded sternly.

"Alright." Ye Wanwan nodded and said, "You have to find someone else to impersonate your nephew's parents, then. Also... I memorized your nephew's number while you were on the video call with him... what if I got drunk one day and told your nephew about you finding people to impersonate his parents...? You wouldn't blame me, would you?"

Nameless Nie stood rooted to the ground after hearing Ye Wanwan's words.

If the little devil found out I got people to impersonate his parents...

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