Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 702: Dark red mark

Chapter 702: Dark red mark

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Forget it, there's no point in letting my thoughts run wild now. We'll know the details once the results are out tomorrow...

The next morning.

Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han got up and finished their breakfast then they both rushed off to work.

As Si Ye Han's health was quite stable now, he was able to go to the office. Although Ye Wanwan was still worried about him, if Si Ye Han still didn't show his face at the office, it would cause panic considering the current situation in the Si family, so he had to show up at the office from time to time. It would be fine as long as he didn't stress himself out.

During this period of time, Ye Wanwan learned quite a bit from Si Ye Han too. It was just that she hadn't put her new knowledge to practice or gotten involved in the company's affairs on her own...

"This looks good!" Ye Wanwan picked a dark red tie for Si Ye Han. She had just tightened it when something came to mind and she suddenly turned to the direction of the apartment door.

"Uh... wait..." Ye Wanwan thought about something. She then suddenly had her claws out, removed the tie she just fastened and ripped open Si Ye Han's collar from his immaculate shirt.

Si Ye Han lowered his gaze and gave her a doubtful look.

Ye Wanwan commanded, "Get lower."

Even though Si Ye Han didn't know what Ye Wanwan wanted to do, he still followed her instructions and leaned over slightly.

Ye Wanwan's eyes landed on Si Ye Han's neckline. She grabbed onto his shoulders and placed her soft lips on his collarbone...

Before Si Ye Han could react, he felt a sharp pain around his collarbone. Aside from the pain, he also felt a numbing sensation.

Si Ye Han's eyes squinted dangerously and he looked at the girl who nibbled on his collarbone all of a sudden...

The girl's lovebite left a small questionable pink blotch...

Ye Wanwan glanced at the door again then grinned like a little sly fox. She stared at her own "work," satisfied. "Alright! Perfect! Now we can leave!"

Ye Wanwan walked over to the door.

*Swish* She pulled the door open and in the next second, there was a *bang.* A fluorescent figure rolled into the apartment...

Gong Xu stood up and patted the dust away from his body, embarrassed. He pretended to be calm and greeted her, "Ha... he... hehe... Ye-ge... mor-morning!"

Ye Wanwan crossed her arms. She pretended to be unruffled and looked at the person who was sneaking around her door bright and early in the morning then she replied faintly, "Morning~"

Gong Xu scratched his head and stammered, "Uh, heh... aren't we going to the filming site to visit Luo Chen...? I thought I might as well just wait here for you and head over together... I just reached your door and you opened it right away! What a coincidence, really..."

The corners of Ye Wanwan's lips twitched when she heard that.

Coincidence my a**, I bet this fool has been squatting here all night!

With that dreadful curiosity of Gong Xu and his persistence on getting to the bottom of the matter, he would definitely do something like that.

Gong Xu spoke as his eyes kept scanning the two of them..

Although they were both men, one was lazy and content while the other was rigid and quiet; they were really incompatible...

But he thought about it all night and still didn't believe that his future wife's older brother was really into men!

Until his gaze landed on the man's neckline...

An overbearing dark red mark loomed on the man's neckline revealed what happened last night...

Gong Xu: "..."

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