Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 701: He was really very calm already

Chapter 701: He was really very calm already

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Si Ye Han obviously wouldn't care about the details of his housekeeper going nuts and only heard the first part when Ye Wanwan said: "Quick, kiss me!"

He placed the noodles into the pot calmly then leaned his head over slightly and planted a kiss on Ye Wanwan's cheeks cooperatively. After that, he continued cutting the ham sausage.

Ye Wanwan grinned and looked at her phone. "Are you calmer now, housekeeper Xu?"

Xu Yi: "..."

Calm... too calm...

Ye Wanwan: "Is there anything else?"

Xu Yi: "No..."

Sorry to interrupt the both of you; just pretend I wasn't here at all...

The screen went black. A certain housekeeper was both mentally and physically traumatized and hung up the call.

In order to let Xu Yi feel more at ease, Ye Wanwan thoughtfully sent him several photos of Si Ye Han cooking. In the end, Xu Yi had to beg her to stop sending - he was really very calm already...

After waiting a long time, Si Ye Han was finally done cooking the noodles.

Ye Wanwan looked at the soup noodles on the dining table and raised her brows, slightly taken aback. The noodles were cooked with perfect timing - they weren't too soft or half-cooked; there was a sunny side up and a few slices of ham sausage lying on top, and green onion and fresh vegetables floated on top of the soup, making it look extremely appetizing.

For the Si Ye Han who was above common mortals, she didn't have very high expectations for his cooking and only thought he knew how to make food edible. In the end, he was actually pretty good...

Si Ye Han passed her a pair of chopsticks and sat across her at the dining table without a word.

"Looks really good, huh... you actually know how to cook noodles... when did you learn it?" Ye Wanwan took a bite and her eyes glistened. "WOW! It's really delicious!"

Si Ye Han was seemingly unhappy with Ye Wanwan's choice of words. "Do I need to learn?"

Ye Wanwan buried her head and slurped the noodles. "No need, no need! It's just a simple task. With my baby's IQ, why would he need to learn, eh!"

Hearing that, Si Ye Han's expression urned gentler.

At the same time, Jin garden:

The chef and several servants at Jin garden looked at the blackened stoves and the mess on the kitchen floor with tears streaming down their faces. Each one of them prayed and hoped that the 9th master would let the kitchen off...

How many times has he caused an explosion...

Why does our master have so many terrifying hobbies all of a sudden? This is tiring...

At night, Si Ye Han stayed overnight at her apartment.

Ye Wanwan removed her makeup, showered and changed into her soft pajamas. Meanwhile, Si Ye Han already made himself comfortable lying on the bed.

Ay, this feeling of eating my fill and having a beauty on my bed is too perfect...

Seeing that Ye Wanwan was coming over, Si Ye Han placed the book in his hands down. "Give me your hand."

Ye Wanwan quickly pacified him. "It's really just a small injury and it's already healing. I used plastic wrap to protect it while bathing and it didn't get wet at all..."

Si Ye Han checked over and over again before he eased up.

Ye Wanwan stared at the man's concentrating face. "You're going to Old Sun's for a checkup tomorrow, right?"

Si Ye Han: "En."

Ye Wanwan mumbled, "Your health has been quite stable recently and you don't really have a problem falling asleep anymore - there shouldn't be any big issues..."

But why did Old Sun look so strange before?

It seemed as if he had something he couldn't say and he didn't explain when I asked him; he only said that he would discuss it further after this upcoming checkup - could it be that there are some other problems with Si Ye Han's health again...

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