Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 697: Can only use the ultimate move

Chapter 697: Can only use the ultimate move

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Gong Xu stretched his head and looked over. It was only then that he finally noticed the figure hidden in the shadows.

Eh? Why does this person... look so familiar?

Gong Xu only caught a glimpse of his face outside the bar that night, but because he left such a deep impression, he couldn't forget him even if he wanted to.

Isn't that the friend who went to fetch Ye-ge that night?

That time, he almost misunderstood Ye-ge's relationship with that man...

Why is this person at Ye-ge's place at this hour?

Uh, and why is this person looking at me... with such a terrifying gaze...

Even though Gong Xu felt that something was off, he was thick-skinned and in a terrific mood that night, so he didn't think much of it and walked over to Ye Wanwan. He spoke in a generous and easy-going manner, "No problem, Ye-ge. It's fine if you have a guest - he won't be staying long anyway, right? I don't mind!"

Don't mind your butt!

Ye Wanwan: "..."

At this very moment, Ye Wanwan had a strong urge to strangle this fool!

She took a careful glance at Si Ye Han... just a glance... and that expression made her heart jump in fear...

Si Ye Han's gaze brushed past Ye Wanwan and Gong Xu, and he said in a low and hoarse voice, "Guest?"

When Ye Wanwan saw Si Ye Han's expression and heard the tone he used, she knew he was raging mad.

Ye Wanwan had a headache and supported her head with her hand as she wailed in anguish inside. B ut baby, why are you throwing a tantrum now? You clearly know that because of my disguise, that was the only answer I could give - there was no other meaning to it!

And if Si Ye Han thought hard, he should know that she couldn't just leave him there and run off with Gong Xu to cheat on him, right? Also, he shouldn't have so little confidence in himself, right?

Darn it, it must be because Si Xia mentioned that "wildflowers would gradually dazzle the eyes" and said I would eventually be seduced by young and fresh meat in the entertainment industry...

Ye Wanwan moved in a little closer and spoke at a volume that was audible only to the two of them. "Si Ye Han, I've already explained this many times - no matter whether it's Luo Chen or Gong Xu, they are just my artists and I saved him during the press conference today because it was my responsibility. What he said just now was only due to the fact that I am a man in his eye. There's no other meaning to it. It doesn't make sense for you to be jealous over this! Can you stop being unreasonable?!"

"Tsk, unreasonable... very well then..."

Si Ye Han chuckled and spoke slowly in a frosty tone that caused her to shudder...

Ye Wanwan wanted to slap herself. Why did I say the wrong thing again?! Seriously, the more flustered I am, the more mistakes I make.

She knew she couldn't reason things out with this person standing before her. It was the same logic used as when one's girlfriend was angry, one shouldn't try to reason with her!

Ye Wanwan was mad, anxious and vexed all at the same time. She had a stomachful of anger and she loosened the tie around her neck in annoyance. After that, her eyes shot straight towards the culprit not far off. "GONG XU, GET OVER HERE!"

"Ah? Me? Wh-what is it, Ye-ge..." Gong Xu pointed at himself innocently and made his way over carefully.

Why does Ye-ge look so scary? Did I do something wrong?

Ye Wanwan threw her tie on the ground then strode over to the icy-looking great devil who was on the verge of exploding.

"Watch this carefully——"

Ye Wanwan tilted her head to gesture at Gong Xu then she stretched her fair and delicate hand out, grabbed Si Ye Han's collar, lowered his neck and kissed his thin and cool lips forcefully...

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