Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 696: Raging sea of jealousy

Chapter 696: Raging sea of jealousy

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"Ye-ge, we've arrived," Dong Zai announced.

"Alright, you two have an early night. I'll get going." Ye Wanwan got out of the car hurriedly.

Luo Chen lived in the block next to her and after saying goodbye, he entered the building.

"Ay, Ye-ge, I..." Gong Xu wanted to say something to Ye Wanwan initially but she had already left.

Gong Xu looked strangely at Ye Bai as he got off urgently. What happened? I haven't seen that look on his face before - it's as if a great enemy is approaching...

Ye Wanwan rushed to Si Ye Han. *cough* "Ah-Jiu, when did you come over? Why are you standing here? Why didn't you go inside instead?! It's so cold out here!"

Ye Wanwan spoke while she tried to calm herself down - Si Ye Han rarely paid any attention to the gossip online, so he definitely didn't know about what happened at the press conference. This little injury of hers would become a scar within a day or two and it didn't matter even if he found out by then...

Ye Wanwan reasoned through everything very well, however, the moment she finished speaking, the man standing before her looked at her plainly and said, "You've broken the rules."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

It was as if that voice came from a snow-capped mountain that was five kilometers above sea level. She felt so cold that her body trembled uncontrollably and all her hope shattered instantly.

It was simply naive of her to attempt to bluff her way out with Si Ye Han...

As Si Ye Han had been so lenient these past few days, she had forgotten how terrifying this man could be.

At this moment, he didn't have a single tinge of warmth on his body. His gaze was cold and forboding - it seemed like he was really angry.

"Sorry, it was an accident this time, but it was just a small injury. Look at it if you don't believe me!" In order to prove it, Ye Wanwan quickly lifted her sleeve and revealed that the little wound wasn't even an inch wide.

However, Ye Wanwan quickly realized what a huge mistake she was making.

After seeing her wound, Si Ye Han's face became scarier and she caught a glimpse of the Si Ye Han she knew from before her rebirth - the one who was irrational and didn't have any emotions like a wild beast that could lose control anytime.

Ye Wanwan realized she had been too relaxed recently and had forgotten how scary this person was...

Si Ye Han's gaze was colder than the moonlight above. He continued staring at her as he said, "Do you like him?"

"Ah? Who?" Ye Wanwan was stunned by his question that came out of nowhere.

It took her a good few seconds to realize who he was referring to...

Damn! What a huge misunderstanding!

Si... Si Ye Han wouldn't think there's something going on between me and Gong Xu, right?

How is that possible?!

How exactly did such a frightening misunderstanding arise?

Ye Wanwan was racking her brains for a way to explain and appease him, but right at this moment, Gong Xu's loud voice resounded from behind her. "Ye-ge, Ye-ge, why did you run off so quickly?! My villa is too far away, and I'm too lazy to go back. I got Dong Zai to take the car. I'll sleep with you tonight instead!"

The second Gong Xu's words came out, Ye Wanwan felt an intangible and ominous wind from hell rising up...

What the h*ll do you mean, sleep with me tonight???!!!

All these artists she was grooming were all so troublesome, and this one was simply driving her to her death!

Ye Wanwan's face was rigid. "No way. Go back to where you're supposed to be!"

Seeing that Ye Wanwan had rejected him without any hesitation, Gong Xu's face fell. "Why? I'm already here anyway - just take me in, eh!"

Ye Wanwan suppressed the fury within. "I have a guest tonight."

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