Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 643: My younger sister couldn't possibly be so amazing

Chapter 643: My younger sister couldn't possibly be so amazing

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It was as if thunder exploded in Ye Mu Fan's head when he heard Ye Wanwan calling him "ge ge."

"Wan... Wanwan... you're Wanwan? F*ck! Am I dreaming?! You... you're the newly appointed big boss of Dazzling, Ye Bai? No, wait, isn't Ye Bai a man?! No, no... Ye Bai is actually a woman?" Ye Mu Fan was utterly confused that his words became incoherent.

"Must you be so surprised?" Ye Wanwan raised her brows and sat down languidly on the sofa by the side.

At this moment, although Ye Wanwan was still disguised as a man, as the cold and threatening aura around her disappeared and her expression became gentler, her sense of familiarity gradually increased.

Ye Mu Fan finally believed that the person before him was truly his own younger sister. He put his hand over his chest where his heart nearly stopped beating. "Obviously! My heart nearly stopped beating just now, alright? This was a complete magic show!"

Who could handle their superior suddenly turning into their younger sister in a second?

Ye Mu Fan scanned her disguise up and down and gulped, looking like he had a hard time finding his words. "You... you're too... too daring! Nobody could tell at all?"

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and raised her brows. "My own brother couldn't even tell - do you think others realized?"

Ye Mu Fan didn't have a rebuttal to that.

"No, no, the important question is how exactly did you even manage to enter Worldwide's territory and reach this position?"

One must know that the director of talent recruitment was more powerful than a general manager; a person in this position was at the top of the hierarchy and controlled almost all of the artists' resources. Otherwise, Zhou Wen Bin wouldn't have been able to dominate Dazzling in the past.

How did she manage to reach this position...

Ye Wanwan recalled everything that happened ever since she entered the industry...

Thinking back, it had been considerably smooth sailing ever since she entered the industry and she progressed faster than she'd imagined.

Han Xian Yu's incident granted her a place in the company, Luo Chen's rise to fame allowed her to stand firm in this industry and Gong Xu was an unexpected treasure, allowing her to save quite a bit of time and squeezing Zhou Wen Bin out of the picture.

With that thought... should I actually be nicer towards Gong Xu?

Ye Wanwan returned to her senses and summarized how she got into Dazzling for Ye Mu Fan.

Even though Ye Mu Fan had heard all the rumors about Ye Bai, hearing it from his rash and ignorant younger sister this time really felt like a fantasy...

The incident of Han Xian Yu sexually assaulting a young girl shocked the entire industry, yet his sister was actually the one who proved his innocence behind the scenes.

The great prophet who exploited the right timing and conditions, enabling the has-been from three years past, Luo Chen, to explode in fame overnight was also his sister; the one who pulled Gong Xu away from Zhou Wen Bin and even made him so obedient was also his sister...

He was initially so worried - worried that it wouldn't be easy working under such a smart and terrifying boss, worried that even if he got in by a fluke, others would make life difficult for him but in the end, the boss was his own sister. With a backing as stable as Mountain Tai, who would dare to mess with him?

Ye Mu Fan stared at Ye Wanwan and suddenly felt like she had a gold light radiating from her.

"So you're saying that... you got the Golden Seas apartment back from Han Xian Yu's incident as a condition, but that old fox cheated you by playing a game of words with you and used a huge sum of property price to tie you down!"

Although Ye Wanwan's income was now quite impressive, she would still need quite a few years to pay off the house.

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