Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 642: What is it, ge ge?

Chapter 642: What is it, ge ge?

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Ye Mu Fan was in a daze when his phone started ringing.

Ye Mu Fan was about to reject the call but Ye Wanwan glanced at his phone from the corner of her eyes. "A call from your parents? Don't worry about it, you may answer it."

Ye Mu Fan nodded and answered, "Hello, mom?"

"Mu Fan, I heard from Wanwan that you're going for an interview at Dazzling Media today?"

"Yes, I'm already at the office now."

"Has the interview ended yet? What's the outcome?"

Ye Mu Fan suppressed the excitement within as he said, "It's ended and I'm now the head stylist of Dazzling Media."

"What?" Liang Wan Jun was astonished.

Shortly after, Ye Shao Ting's stern voice came through the receiver: "With your background and experience, it's already unlikely for someone to hire you. Why would they let you be the head stylist all of a sudden?"

"That's right, Mu Fan, don't lie to us just to make us feel better!"

Ye Mu Fan looked at Ye Bai awkwardly then coughed lightly. *cough* "Dad, mom, I'm serious. Don't you guys have any faith in me?"

"It's not that dad and mom don't believe you, but do you really think this is possible? Is Wanwan with you now? Can you get her to the phone? I want to ask her if it's true..."

Ye Mu Fan was helpless. "She's not here. I..."

Before Ye Mu Fan could finish his sentence, the young man in front of him suddenly reached out and said, "Can I have a few words with your parents?"

"This..." Ye Mu Fan was hesitant but the man was very friendly and he was his new superior after all, so he passed the phone over and said, embarrassed, "My parents don't believe that I got the role of head stylist..."

"No problem, I'll explain." Ye Wanwan smiled and took the phone.

"Hello, Mu Fan, hello? Mu Fan, are you listening?"

Ye Wanwan revealed a sweet smile and said gently, "Hello, mom, it's me, Wanwan."

Ye Mu Fan was touched by his superior's friendliness and warmth but in the next second, it was as if he was struck by lightning. He turned to the "young man" in disbelief and thought he was crazy and hallucinating.

What... what's going on... why did I hear Wanwan's voice coming out from the mouth of Ye Bai...

"It's Wanwan ah, quick, tell mommy the outcome of your brother's interview. He said he got the role of head stylist - how is this possible?" Liang Wan Jun and Ye Shao Ting didn't notice anything unusual over the phone and probed anxiously.

Ye Wanwan turned to her brother who had already transformed into a rock and continued, "Daddy, mommy, what ge ge said was true. The person in-charge at Dazzling was very impressed by him and probably did his own research, so he knew that ge ge was responsible for those designs at Assembly of Stars which was why he invited him over. Daddy, you also know Dazzling's artists are quite weak in their styling and urgently need talented staff."

Hearing Ye Wanwan's explanation, Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun finally believed their son.

"Then that's great, that's great! Fantastic!"

"I've always been worried about you working at Dazzling, but now that you have your brother with you in the same company, he can take care of you!"

Ye Wanwan nodded continuously. "En en, ge ge will take care of me, don't worry! I'll hang up for now and we'll talk more when we meet later!"

"Good good good, come home with your brother for dinner tonight!"

"Sure, I really want to have mommy's homecooked squirrel fish!"


After Ye Wanwan hung up the phone, Ye Mu Fan was still in a trance. He looked at Ye Wanwan like he had seen a ghost. "You... you-you-you..."

Ye Wanwan already switched to a girl's voice and she blinked. "What is it, ge ge?"

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