Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 622: Bring me here to watch this sort of thing

Chapter 622: Bring me here to watch this sort of thing

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After Ye Wanwan dragged Ye Mu Fan all the way downstairs, she pushed him onto the passenger seat then locked the car.

"Ye Wanwan, stop being unreasonable! Let me out!" Ye Mu Fan howled in fury then finally noticed the expensive car he was sitting in. "How did you get this car?"

With Ye Wanwan's salary, how could she afford such an expensive car?

He already found the house somewhat fishy before. Since when did she have a friend called Ye Bai? Why would he lend her such a huge amount of money to reclaim the house?

Ye Wanwan's tone was unusually icy. "Shut up."

Ye Mu Fan wanted to probe further, but the temperature in the car dropped so fast that he even sneezed and was forced to be quiet...

Shortly after, the car arrived at a luxurious hotel at the junction of Imperial City and city C.

Ye Wanwan calculated the time. According to her driving speed, they should've arrived before Shen Meng Qi.

Ye Wanwan picked up her phone and sent Gao Fei a message: [Has Shen Meng Qi and He Jun Cheng reached their room?]

Gao Fei replied swiftly: [Not yet. They're still on the way, but they'll be there soon.]

Ye Wanwan: [Okay, got it.]

After replying to Gao Fei, Ye Wanwan held her phone, opened the car door and pulled Ye Mu Fan quickly into the hotel.

"Ye Wanwan! Are you nuts? You're being so sneaky - what are you trying to do?"

No matter how much Ye Mu Fan yelled at her, Ye Wanwan remained silent and went directly upstairs using the duplicated hotel card. Then she successfully entered Shen Meng Qi and He Jun Cheng's trysting place.

"Why did you bring me here?"

Ye Wanwan scanned the room and her gaze landed on the balcony across the room. She went over immediately, slid open the ceiling-to-floor glass door and pushed Ye Mu Fan onto the balcony.

Through the gap of the flowy white curtains, they could see the situation in the bedroom clearly.

"Ye Wan..."

Ye Mu Fan couldn't hold it in anymore. He was about to roar violently, but his mouth was quickly covered by Ye Wanwan. "KEEP QUIET!"

Gao Fei's intelligence was very accurate.

In just a moment, there was a "ding" and the room door was pushed open by someone followed by a pin drop silence in the room.


At the door, there was a loud indulgent shriek from the woman followed by ambiguous sounds that any full-grown adults would know exactly what was going on.

After Ye Mu Fan realized what the couple outside was doing, his face started flushing and he glared sternly at his younger sister.

It wasn't because he was pure or shy but because his own sister was there at this moment.

Ye Wanwan released her hand over his mouth and Ye Mu Fan immediately whispered, "Ye Wanwan, is there something wrong with your head?! Why did you bring me here to watch this sort of thing?!"

The sounds got louder and louder, but Ye Wanwan remained expressionless. "Why are you so worried?"

"You..." Ye Mu Fan wanted to speak but his face went blank all of a sudden.

Why does this woman sound so familiar?

"Ah... Jun Cheng..."

Jun Cheng? He Jun Cheng?

And this... this sounds like...

Meng Qi?

He Jun Cheng and... Meng Qi...

How... how could it be...

I must've heard wrong...

"Meng Qi, you're beautiful..." He Jun Cheng groped Shen Meng Qi's body mercilessly then picked her up by the waist.

As the footsteps got closer, the two of them entered the bedroom...

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