Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 621: Downright stupid

Chapter 621: Downright stupid

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At this moment, they heard hurried footsteps from the door. Ye Mu Fan was finally here.

The second Ye Mu Fan entered, he saw his mother sitting on the floor with tear-stained cheeks and his father's face was completely pale and was bleeding from his bruised forehead...

When he discovered the calls from the old residence, Ye Mu Fan was already prepared for the worst, but after seeing this scene before him, he was filled with rage.

"Dad! Mom! What happened?" Ye Mu Fan rushed over.

Once Ye Shao Ting saw his son, his face was filled with anger and sorrow. "You disgraceful thing! How... how could you be so foolish?! What have I taught you?!"

Liang Wan Jun shut her eyes in despair. "Mu Fan... you really went too far this time... do you know what you did is illegal?"

Seeing the looks of disappointment on his parents' faces, Ye Mu Fan felt as if his heart was being torn apart by a sharp claw. He held his aching head with his hand. "Dad, mom, what did I do wrong? I didn't even do anything wrong! Why must all of you blame me?!"

Liang Mei Xuan shook her head. "At this point in time, you're still so shameless. Thankfully, your grandparents left the room. Otherwise, if they heard what you said, I'm afraid it'd drive them to their graves!"

Ye Shao Ting was furious. "You... you're still not sorry, huh?!"

Ye Mu Fan straightened his neck. "I was just protecting the woman I love. I did nothing wrong!"

Ye Shao Ting's blood pressure rose. He started feeling dizzy and there was a piercing pain in his heart. "You... you..."

"Dad..." Ye Wanwan appeared and dashed forward. She held the trembling Ye Shao Ting in her arms then fed him a fast-acting heart pill. After that, she quickly pulled out a disinfectant paper towel to clean Ye Shao Ting's wound.

"Wanwan, you're here..." After seeing his daughter, Ye Shao Ting's face turned slightly gentler.

Ye Wanwan looked at her father's wound then turned to Ye Mu Fan, who still didn't think he was in the wrong at this point, and raised her hand, giving Ye Mu Fan a tight slap. "YE MU FAN, YOU'RE DOWNRIGHT STUPID!"

At first, she was still holding onto a glimmer of hope that he would be regretful once he saw how he dragged mom and dad into this situation, but who knew...

"You..." Ye Mu Fan held his burning cheek in disbelief and exploded in anger. "YE WANWAN, YOU ACTUALLY HIT ME! Who are you to mock me?! You don't understand Shen Meng Qi at all! I have no regrets for what I did! I'll bear all the consequences!"

Ye Wanwan sneered. "Tsk, you'd bear it all? You think that going to prison and ruining your life involves just you? What's going to happen to dad?! Who's going to take care of mom?!"

Liang Mei Xuan, who was gloating by the side and watching a good show, chuckled. "Ay, instead of quarreling here, why don't you guys use the time to raise some money, find a good lawyer and maybe try to get a lighter sentence, huh?".

Ye Wanwan glanced disapprovingly at Liang Mei Xuan and suppressed the boiling anger inside.

Now is not the time to deal with Liang Mei Xuan.

"Daddy, mommy, you guys should head back first. We'll talk tomorrow." Ye Wanwan urged her parents then grabbed Ye Mu Fan's wrist. "FOLLOW ME! I'll let you see whether that woman you're so undyingly loyal towards is a human or a demon now!"

"Ye Wanwan, what are you doing? Let go!"

Ye Mu Fan tried to break free from Ye Wanwan's shackles but didn't expect that she had such enormous strength; her slender fingers were akin to claws of steel, dragging him out.

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