Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 604: Can't afford to offend

Chapter 604: Can't afford to offend

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However, the insult just left his mouth when the devotee's horsetail whisk moved slightly and immediately caused those bodyguards to vomit blood.

"See, isn't this poor Taoist very accurate? I said you guys will encounter a bloody calamity, so why didn't you guys believe me, huh?" The bewitching devotee shook his head and sighed.

"You're so dead!"

Yuan Sheng's face was so dark that he looked as if he could explode anytime. Suddenly, he stepped out and directed an attack towards the devotee.

Yuan Sheng's strength couldn't be compared with the other members of Dark Team 4 - his attacks were vicious and firm, aiming directly for a kill.

"Little friend, you're going to encounter a bloody calamity next!" The bewitching devotee stared at Yuan Sheng, who was charging towards him.

Yuan Sheng naturally ignored him and reached the devotee in a few steps.

"Kneel down." The bewitching devotee sneered and suddenly pointed at Yuan Sheng's knees.

The bewitching devotee moved so fast that even Ye Wanwan couldn't see it clearly.


Yuan Sheng howled in pain instantly. At the same time, he plopped to the ground and knelt at the feet of the devotee.


At this moment, Yuan Sheng looked at the devotee with his face covered in fear.

This devotee is the scariest character I've ever met in my life. I can't even see any of his movements at all!

"Misunderstanding, misunderstanding..." Yuan Sheng's voice shook and went soft all of a sudden. As the saying went, a wise man knew when to retreat; there was no advantage in offending such a person.

"Oh, so it was a misunderstanding? Then, come clean my shoes for me, will you?" A harmless smile spread across the bewitching devotee's face.


Yuan Sheng gritted his teeth.

Darn it!

Alas, Yuan Sheng used his sleeves and wiped the spit off the bewitching devotee's shoes.

This man standing in front of him was someone he really couldn't afford to offend...

"Is this fine...?" Yuan Sheng asked.

"Please pay up for the fortune-telling service." The bewitching devotee smiled.

"Sure..." Yuan Sheng took a deep breath then took out ten pieces of brand-new hundred dollar notes and handed it to the devotee.

"En... that's not enough. $1,000 per person. There's so many of you... forget it, I'll give you a discount - $10,000 will do."

"I don't have that much cash..." Yuan Sheng shook his head.

"No cash?" The bewitching devotee took out a POS machine from his chest with ease. "I support the use of credit cards as well."

Everyone's expression: "..."

Ye Wanwan sized the bewitching devotee up and was completely astonished.

Initially, she thought this handsome-looking devotee and Nameless Nie were just multi-level marketers.

She never expected that this devotee would be so terrifyingly adept. That Yuan Sheng was totally toyed around by him and didn't even have the chance to fight back... no, he didn't even have the right to fight back!

"Where did this bunch of people and that Nameless Nie come from...?" Ye Wanwan was curious.

She remembered that during her grandfather's birthday banquet, she bought an extremely precious bone from Nameless Nie's little stall for a price of a hundred yuan. At the time, she thought she was just lucky, but it looked like this group of people weren't as simple as they appeared on the surface.

Now, Yuan Sheng took his card out and swiped $10,000 on the bewitching devotee's POS machine.

The remaining guards of Dark Team 4 stared at the bewitching devotee and were totally frightened like they'd just seen a ghost. They never heard of such a scary person in Imperial City...

"Let's go!"

Yuan Sheng wasn't in the mood to celebrate anymore. He waved the guards off, turned around and left. He didn't want to stay there for a second longer.

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