Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 603: What a big bully

Chapter 603: What a big bully

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"What era are we in - always scamming and deceiving people, swindling their money away!" *Spit*

When the guards of Dark Team 4 saw that bewitching Taoist devotee, one of them spat at his feet.

The Taoist devotee stopped instantly, bent over to look at his feet then lifted his head and asked the bodyguard, "Bro, were you the one who spat on my shoe?"

Hearing that, the bodyguard sneered. "Yes, you're right. I did it. So what? Do you have a problem?"

"No no no." That bewitching Taoist devotee quickly shook his head. "No problem, I was just asking."

The members of Dark Team 4 burst out in laughter - at least this b*stard was sensible.

"Get lost, don't be an eyesore here." Yuan Sheng waved him off.

"Alright, alright." The bewitching devotee turned around and left.

However, he only took two steps forward before he suddenly turned around.

"Fate has brought us here - why don't you let this poor Taoist read your fortune today..." The bewitching Taoist devotee didn't even wait for him to reply. He immediately closed his eyes, started chanting and moved his fingers.

Very soon, that bewitching devotee opened both his eyes. "Bad, bad. I'm afraid you guys will encounter a bloody calamity soon!"

"What did you say?!" That guard who spat at the Taoist devotee was enraged and he scoffed.

This fella actually cursed me with a bloody calamity?!

"I said you guys will meet a bloody calamity soon..." The bewitching devotee repeated in a serious manner.

"Your mom! If you keep talking nonsense, I'll kill you! Get lost!"

The bodyguard quickly moved forward and pressed on towards the Taoist devotee.

"Alright, alright. Forget it if you don't believe me! But who's going to graciously pay for my fortune-telling services? $1,000. Thank you."

After he said that, the devotee stretched his arm out towards the bodyguard.

Witnessing this situation before her, the corners of Ye Wanwan's lips twitched. Is this devotee from the five-member MLM group insane? Can't he see that there are so many members in Dark Team 4? By telling them that they'll meet a bloody calamity, is he itching for a fight?

As expected, the bodyguard instantly bellowed in rage. "I think you're courting death!"

Following that, the bodyguard's fist advanced towards the devotee's face.

When the devotee saw that, the corners of his lips lifted upwards, revealing a strangely terrifying and cold smile.

At the moment, all they saw was the horsetail whisk in the devotee's hand raised. Before anyone knew what was happening, they saw the bodyguard's body being flung away; he flew over ten meters before falling onto the ground hard.


The bodyguard spat out blood; his face was completely pale and his body trembled vigorously.

"Ay... I just said you'll meet a bloody calamity... this poor Taoist is very accurate, yet you guys refuse to pay up - what a big bully." The bewitching Taoist devotee shook his head and looked helpless.

Ye Wanwan was shocked when she saw what happened and a thought flashed in her head.


Although it was just one single move, Ye Wanwan could already tell that this Taoist devotee wasn't a simple man.

And he was much more skilled than her!

"You're dead!"

Instantly, countless bodyguards surrounded the bewitching devotee.

"This poor Taoist shall read your fortunes too!" The bewitching devotee looked at those bodyguards and lowered his head, pinching his fingers like he was really concentrating.

In a flash, the bewitching devotee lifted his head and looked at all the bodyguards around him. "You guys... will meet a bloody calamity as well."

"Calamity your mom!"

The bodyguards yelled in anger.

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