Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 589: Kissed me all of a sudden

Chapter 589: Kissed me all of a sudden

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His slightly chilly lips came closer slowly and sucked on her lips gently...

His arm around her waist tightened gradually and his kisses became more urgent. He used his jaw to open her mouth and absorbed every inch of sweetness from her...

Compared to his instinctive craziness and violence in the past, he was becoming more skilled at kissing. His thin and cool lips, his face that was close to perfection and his passionate breathing simply captivated her...

In a split second, the atmosphere around her was enshrouded by Si Ye Han's aura. She was encapsulated in this place like there was only the two of them left in this world...

An indefinite amount of time passed before this kiss finally ended...

Si Ye Han's fingers brushed against her hair lightly. His eyes were filled with emotions she couldn't read.

Ye Wanwan stared at the man before her and was in a slight daze. "Uh... what... what's wrong?"

Why did he kiss me all of a sudden? He didn't even warn me first...

"Then... what about you?" Si Ye Han looked at her and suddenly said these four words.

Ye Wanwan was already muddled and what he said made her even more confused. "What about me?"

Si Ye Han locked his eyes onto her. " you like me?"

When Ye Wanwan heard that question, she was taken aback.

Actually, she was so nervous about him meeting her parents at first only because she was afraid that if things went badly, her parents would be strongly against them being together and he might hurt them when his emotions were out of control.

After all, his temperament was like that in her previous life, so it could really happen.

But right now...

She unwittingly believed that this person before her would never hurt her and the people around her.

However, she was still trying to be tactful and make her parents accept him...

Now, about her feelings towards Si Ye Han...

Ye Wanwan was lost in thought when Si Ye Han suddenly strode forward. "Follow me."

"Ah? Where are we going?"

Ye Wanwan followed him in a daze.

After some time, Si Ye Han brought her to the attic on the top floor.

Seeing Si Ye Han bringing her up there, she was stunned.

Isn't this the restricted area in Jin garden?

I wasn't even allowed to step into this place in my previous life...

Why is Si Ye Han bringing me here?

*Creak* The door of the attic was pushed open.

Ye Wanwan stood at the door and scanned the place out of curiosity.

There were some old pieces of furniture, two full rows of bookshelves and a sandalwood desk in the middle of the attic.

Si Ye Han walked over to the desk, sat down and opened one of the drawers. He took out a jade pendant from the drawer.

Strictly speaking, it was half a jade pendant.

Si Ye Han held the jade pendant with his slender fingers and brought it to her.

Ye Wanwan took it suspiciously and didn't know what Si Ye Han was doing - she didn't understand why Si Ye Han was giving her this pendant. "What's this?"

In the dim light, Si Ye Han's clear voice resounded in the somewhat empty attic: "This half jade pendant can mobilize my people; it can be used when you're in danger. However, it only takes orders from me. This half jade pendant can only be used by you three times, so don't use it unless it's urgent."

When Ye Wanwan heard that, she looked at the piece of unsophisticated and simple green jade with a complex gaze.

Si Ye Han really has some hidden forces and these people are only loyal towards him. Xu Yi probably doesn't even know of their existence but right now, Si Ye Han actually revealed this to me and gave me the authority to mobilize them...

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