Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 588: Protect her for an eternity

Chapter 588: Protect her for an eternity

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"As for how we met..."

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath and continued explaining, "He courted me first and at first, I didn't really like him and we weren't on very good terms. After all, I was still crazy in love with Gu Yue Ze and was hoping to salvage my relationship with him. I did many silly things and even fell out with you guys and ge ge."

"That was the worst and most painful point in my life, yet he continued to stay by my side and didn't leave me - he protected me, took care of me and tolerated all my beatings and scoldings. Slowly, I was moved by him and finally accepted him..."

When Si Ye Han heard that, he turned to the glib-tongued Ye Wanwan and his expression was... indescribable...

Ye Wanwan stared at him. Why are you looking at me? Did I say anything wrong?

He works at Si Corporation, doesn't he?

And he courted me first, didn't he? He courted me till I had no path in heaven and no door in hell...

He didn't leave me, right? I used all kinds of methods to shake him off and still failed...

As for tolerating my scoldings and beatings... didn't I cause enough trouble in the past? Provoking, scolding and beating him - I did them all almost every day. Yet, his frozen face remained expressionless. If this isn't called tolerating my scoldings and beatings, what is...?

If we went along with what he said, we would've GG a long time ago, alright?

"I see..."

Ye Shao Ting and Liang Wan Jun's faces visibly warmed up a little and they saw Si Ye Han in a more positive light.

Although his father was no longer around, his mother was overseas but the most important thing was that he treated their daughter well and had a stable job.

"So, daddy and mommy, don't have any prejudice against him just because of his looks - he definitely wouldn't do anything that would let me down. Also, your daughter's looks aren't very safe either, okay? So we're equals, right?" Ye Wanwan said.

"You ah..." Liang Wan Jun was speechless. She looked at Si Ye Han and said, "You should know a little about Wanwan's past, okay - this child, she can't take much hardship, so we're especially worried, afraid she'll be hurt again. We hope she can find a proper and nice guy so we hope you didn't mind our questions just now."

Si Ye Han replied, "Not at all."

Liang Wan Jun knew he wasn't good with words, but his eyes were bright and clear, he didn't seem like a playboy and was even better than those sweet talkers - her approval for him increased.

Ye Shao Ting warned in a deep voice, "Relationships aren't a game. Although nobody knows what will happen in the future, I still hope the two of you will be serious about one another, look out for each other and be together happily."

Si Ye Han took a look at the girl next to him. The depth of his eyes was akin to a calm sea and he spoke softly, "I'll protect her for an eternity."

Ye Wanwan met his deep gaze and was taken aback; she hadn't expected that with his character, he could say something like this...

Finally, after Ye Wanwan and Si Ye Han were done sitting with her parents, the atmosphere was considerably harmonious and since this was their first time meeting, her parents didn't make things too difficult for them by digging too deep, so they managed to get through it.

When they returned to Jin garden, Ye Wanwan still had fears remaining from the trauma.

Ye Wanwan climbed up the stairs while she turned her head and complained to Si Ye Han. Si Ye Han continued following behind her in silence.

He hadn't said a word throughout the entire journey and she didn't know what was on his mind.

"Who would answer their in-law's questions like that? Those who don't know might think you don't love me at all and want to break up with me! Ay, forget it. Luckily, my EQ's high enough, so even though you have a deficit, I can make up for it..."

Ye Wanwan spoke with her head turned. In the end, she accidentally took a step in the air and her whole body fell backward. "Ah..."

Thankfully, Si Ye Han was right behind her and firmly caught her in his embrace.


I didn't stand properly...

Ye Wanwan stuck her tongue out and was about to speak, but in the next second, a shadow covered her as Si Ye Han leaned down and kissed her on the lips all of a sudden...

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