Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 525: I'll get it back for sure

Chapter 525: I'll get it back for sure

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Martial arts training ground:

*thump thump* Sounds of rock-solid punches went on non-stop.

Liu Ying's bandaged hands were pounding on the punching bag like crazy.

Song Jing quickly pulled him away. "Captain, stop, are you insane?! Stop it! You're injured!"

Liu Ying breathed heavily with a storm in his eyes and he paused only for a split second before attacking the punching bag once again.

"Captain, don't be like that! Captain..."

Song Jing coaxed him for a long time to no avail. All he saw was Liu Ying's wounds tearing open again.

At this moment, Song Jing caught a familiar figure walking towards them from the corners of his eyes.

"Miss Ruo Xi!" It was as if Song Jing's shining star had arrived and he quickly pleaded for help, "Miss Ruo Xi, please try talking to captain!"

Seeing that the person who came in was Ruo Xi, Liu Ying froze, "Miss Ruo Xi, I..."

Qin Ruo Xi walked over to the youth. "I already heard what happened."

She heard Ye Wanwan was attacked at the bar last night while Liu Ying, Song Jing and the others didn't protect her well, so they were punished by Si Ye Han today.

Liu Ying's face darkened even further. "Sorry, Miss Ruo Xi. I let you down..."

Qin Ruo Xi sighed and said gently, "Liu Ying, Ah-Jiu merely took away your position temporarily. The captain assessment will be in a couple months' time and if you defeat Eleven, you'll regain your position as the captain. So, this so-called dismissal is just for a few months - you don't have to take it to heart."

Liu Ying remained silent. Ever since he started working for the master, he had never felt so attacked and insulted before so naturally, he found it hard to let it go.

"As for Miss Ye..." Qin Ruo Xi's eyes shifted. "It was quite surprising; didn't know she was so skilled..."

Even though Si Ye Han prevented any information from being leaked, with Qin Ruo Xi's position and status, obviously it wasn't difficult to find out what really happened last night.

When Liu Ying heard that, he thought about how he was actually injured by Ye Wanwan and his expression instantly turned uglier. He balled his fists up and said, "That woman only has brute force and becomes stronger when she's drunk. In addition, none of us dared to attack her, so we were all injured by her..."

Qin Ruo Xi nodded and found his story matched what she imagined; otherwise, there was no other explanation for how that woman could beat up Liu Ying, Eleven, and so many others.

Thus, Qin Ruo Xi continued to placate Liu Ying: "Anyway, don't think too much about it. Quickly pull yourself together. I believe the position of captain belongs to you alone and you're the only one who can take on this role."

Liu Ying's face finally warmed up slightly. "Thank you, Miss Ruo Xi. I'll get it back for sure!"

"That's the right attitude!" Qin Ruo Xi smiled sweetly. "I'll wait for your good news!"


At night, in Jin garden:

When Wanwan returned, she saw Xu Yi standing in the yard, appearing distracted.

Ye Wanwan guessed it was probably due to the incident with Liu Ying, so she strolled over. "Have the punishments for Song Jing and Liu Ying been decided?"

Xu Yi nodded and sighed. "Song Jing was punished with 100 whips and Liu Ying..."

Xu Yi paused for a moment then continued, "Liu Ying was removed from his post as the head captain and Eleven will take over for the time being."

Ye Wanwan was taken aback. Liu Ying was actually removed from his post...

She never expected this outcome.

Liu Ying's men were mostly warriors with a strong sense of integrity and in their world, the strongest one had to be respected - strength was of utmost importance. One had to be highly skilled in order to control them, so Liu Ying was still highly respected by his men.

Liu Ying's demotion probably upset quite a number of people, so this position Eleven assumed would be quite challenging for him...

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