Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 524: Luckily you're a sister

Chapter 524: Luckily you're a sister

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After careful consideration, Ye Wanwan decided to not tell them about her disguise as a man for the time being. "I joined the industry only recently, so I'm not that big yet. I'll let you guys know once I make a name for myself."

Jiang Yan Ran seemed to recall something then she turned to Ye Wanwan. "Oh right, Wanwan, you said you'll be signing me in the future - you haven't forgotten about that, right?"

Ye Wanwan giggled. "Of course I haven't. Yan Ran, you don't have to rush to debut now - just focus on learning the basics. By the time you graduate, I should have a footing in the entertainment industry and you can work with me then."

Ye Wanwan paused then turned to look at the girl next to her and continued, "I'm signing you not so you can suffer along with me!"

After Jiang Yan Ran heard Ye Wanwan say that, her cheeks flushed furiously and she nodded resolutely. "En, I'll also work hard and do my best!"

Chu Feng looked at his own girlfriend then turned to Ye Wanwan and mumbled, "Wanwan-jie..."

"What is it?" Ye Wanwan looked at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng bit his lips. "Could you teach me..."

"Teach you what?" Ye Wanwan didn't understand.

"Teach me how to flirt with girls!" Chu Feng said resentfully.

Ye Wanwan was speechless. "Are you sure you want to ask a sister a question like that?"

Chu Feng gave her side-eye then muttered softly, "Luckily you're a sister..."

Otherwise, I would never dare to allow Yan Ran to play with you, alright?

Ye Wanwan broke into a teasing smile. "Of course. If I wasn't a sis, do you think you'd be able to achieve anything at all?"

Chu Feng was unable to refute that...

If Wanwan-jie was a guy, this rival would be too terrifying, huh!

All in all, it was just a misunderstanding - Jiang Yan Ran and Chu Feng's matter was finally settled.

This guy, Chu Feng, even asked me how to flirt with girls but the person who knows how to flirt best is this guy himself!

Because no matter how skilled one was at flirting, it could never beat a sincere heart.

Since the misunderstanding was cleared up, Ye Wanwan didn't want to be a lightbulb any longer; she told them she had something to attend to and left first.

The moment she left the restaurant, her WeChat on her work phone started buzzing like crazy.

[Gong Xu: Ye-ge, why aren't you at the office yet?]

[Gong Xu: Ye-ge, I have a shoot for a magazine cover today - aren't you coming along with me?]

[Gong Xu: Ye-ge, are you free tonight? I'll treat you to dinner!]

[Gong Xu: Ye-ge, Ye-ge, why aren't you responding?]

[Gong Xu: Eh... it feels like I've been banished to the Cold Palace [1]... don't ignore me...]


Ye Wanwan was speechless as she read the bombardment of WeChat messages - this was indeed Gong Xu's style. She sensed it previously when she read the messages he sent to Han Xian Yu.

It was a sharp contrast to Luo Chen who only sent her one message at a time and was straight to the point - he reported his schedule for the day and only bothered her with things he needed help with.

Ye Wanwan replied to Luo Chen first before responding to Gong Xu: [Is anything the matter? You don't have very important events lately; you'll be fine with just the assistant accompanying you.]

Ye Wanwan just sent the reply then Gong Xu responded within seconds.

First, he sent a big chunk of exclamation marks, followed by this: [You actually replied to Luo Chen before me!!!]

Ye Wanwan stared at the screen filled with exclamation marks, completely dumbfounded. [You're with Luo Chen now?]

[Gong Xu: I bumped into him in the lobby! Don't you avoid my question!!!]

[Ye Wanwan: Does it make a difference who I reply to first?]

[Gong Xu: Of course there is! You MUST reply to me first next time!]

[Ye Wanwan: I had a chat with my younger sister today; she said she likes men who are mature and earnest.]

[Gong Xu: Luo Chen is my senior; I think you should definitely reply to him first!]

Ye Wanwan: ...

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