Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 520: Removal of power

Chapter 520: Removal of power

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All the people who were at Scarlet last night were close confidants of Si Ye Han and were ordered to keep their mouths shut about the incident.

As for Ye Wanwan, she didn't remember anything from when she was drunk and really thought her body was aching due to a fall. Of course, she felt like many things were amiss, but because Xu Yi and the others told her the same false story, she didn't have any reason to be suspicious.

"Oh dear! Where's Yan Ran? How's Yan Ran?" Ye Wanwan suddenly remembered.

"Xu Yi arranged for someone to take her home already," Si Ye Han replied.

"Was she hurt?"


"That's good, that's good..." Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief.

Ye Wanwan spoke while she turned to Liu Ying and Song Jing without any expression on her face.

Last night, they simply stood by while she was in danger, but this was nothing compared to what she went through in her previous life.

Ye Wanwan retracted her gaze. "I won't disturb you guys any further, then. Please continue..."

She didn't really care how Si Ye Han was going to deal with the two of them.

All she cared about now was working on increasing her abilities.

She didn't want something like last night to happen again.

Ever since her rebirth, she had been frantically trying to change herself and acquire more knowledge but she hadn't thought of strengthening her skills.

"Trainer Eleven, I'll see you soon." Ye Wanwan gave Eleven a brief salute.

*cough cough...* "Sure... sure..." Eleven replied perfunctorily.

After Ye Wanwan left, the living room returned to its initial dead silence.

Liu Ying stood there and looked down without saying a single word.

There still needed to be punishment for Song Jing and Liu Ying.

In one second, everyone's eyes were on Si Ye Han, waiting for his verdict.

Although Miss Ye didn't need to be protected, Liu Ying and Song Jing's responsibilities couldn't be pushed away, especially for Liu Ying.

Everyone knew about Liu Ying's bias against Ye Wanwan, but he really went too far this time.

After some time, the man's chilly voice finally resounded in the living room: "From today onwards, Liu Ying will be dismissed of all his duties as captain and Eleven will take over."

Liu Ying raised his head immediately after Si Ye Han spoke like he couldn't believe it at all. The others looked at each other in confusion yet didn't dare to breathe loudly.

He was actually... directly stripped off his power...

A punishment like this was more serious than being whipped a few hundred times.

The one who was in even more shock was Eleven.

With regards to the heavy responsibility entrusted to him by Si Ye Han, he was flattered but he was merely the leader of Dark Team 1 - how could he manage the position of head captain?

Xu Yi and Liu Ying were the master's left and right-hand men - one for internal affairs and the other for external. Needless to say, the importance of these two people was extraordinary.

The most crucial thing was that there was an annual assessment for the position of head captain and one of the most important aspects was the test of fighting skills. Anyone could challenge the captain and Liu Ying already won three times consecutively.

Although he was quite skilled, he was always defeated by Liu Ying; everyone would probably be unhappy with this arrangement.

After all, not everyone could compare to Miss Ye's metamorphosis...

Song Jing didn't expect Liu Ying's punishment would be so severe and he panicked instantly. "9th master... this... isn't this punishment a little too severe? It was one mistake! Please reconsider!"

"Song Jing, stop it!" Liu Ying stopped Song Jing.

Then he removed a flaming red ring from his finger, slowly walked towards Eleven and passed the ring over to him.

Faced with Liu Ying's cold expression, Eleven stared at that ring akin to a piping hot potato and smiled bitterly in his heart.

The head captain assessment this year was coming up. If he replaced Liu Ying's position now, he would have to accept challenges from the team and Liu Ying would also be eligible to challenge him...

If he lost to Liu Ying again...

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