Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 519: How could she be an ordinary person?

Chapter 519: How could she be an ordinary person?



Si Yehan looked quite angry at first, but he frowned when he heard Ye Wanwan's complaints. "Where does it hurt?"

Ye Wanwan noticed Si Yehan didn't look too good, so she acted pitiful on purpose. Now that her acting had some effectiveness, she was quick-witted and moved slowly towards him. "Everywhere! It hurts everywhere! My muscles are aching and painful! My bones feel like they were fractured by someone then screwed back! And here… I'm injured here too…"

Ye Wanwan lifted a finger. There was some broken skin around her nail.

It was truly… a huge wound…

Those who had been beaten until their flesh was punctured, nose bled and face swelled felt misery in their hearts…

"Xu Yi, go get the first aid kit," Si Yehan said.

Xu Yi quickly got up and brought the first aid kit over.

Si Yehan held Ye Wanwan's finger, disinfected it and wrapped it up.

Ye Wanwan then had another request, "I don't want this, I don't want this! I want a pretty ribbon!"

Si Yehan gave her side-eye but he complied and his long and slim fingers weaved through the gauze. Shortly after, he tied a very beautiful ribbon.

All the single dogs in the house were injured both mentally and physically: "…"

Si Yehan stared at Ye Wanwan's bruised joint and his face darkened.

Ye Wanwan suddenly recalled the rule which banned her from getting injured. She didn't dare to go too far anymore and she hurriedly said, "I probably fell when I was tipsy. It's nothing, it's nothing. Just blow it for me and it won't hurt anymore!"

Si Yehan checked her elbow joints gently and said sternly, "You haven't exercised for a long time. From today onwards, I'll get someone to teach you some basic skills and you have to train every single day."

Si Yehan turned to Eleven. "Eleven."

When Eleven heard Si Yehan calling him, he quickly limped over. "Yes!"

Si Yehan: "Starting from today, you'll be her trainer."

"Wh… what…" Eleven was taken aback. He was so shocked that he stared at his master and almost thought he was hearing things.

Si Yehan's eyes turned cold. "You have a problem?"

Of course I have a problem!

It's a big problem, okay?

How could I possibly train Miss Wanwan?! It's basically asking me to be a human punching bag, alright?

"No… no problem!" Eleven plucked up the courage to reply.

Actually, duties like this shouldn't be performed by me. Master should've gotten Liu Ying to do it, but master actually asked me instead…

Seems like… ay…

Liu Ying's mistake this time was too serious…

No matter how unhappy he was with Ye Wanwan, he shouldn't have blatantly gone against master's orders.

In dealing with this matter, he definitely brought in his personal emotions.

Actually, Ye Wanwan hated exercising, but seeing that Si Yehan already arranged things for her, and considering last night's incident, she felt she really needed the training. At least she'd be able to protect herself if something like this happened again in the future.

Hence, Ye Wanwan said, "Then alright… Eleven, I'll have to trouble you to take care of me in the future! Please teach me some self-defense strategies!"

Eleven's smile was uglier than a sob. "Su… sure…"

Isn't he the one who needs to be taught some self-defense tactics?

All the other guards in the house looked at the chick who had returned to her delicate and pretty self and were utterly confused.

Judging by Ye Wanwan's reaction, it seemed like she forgot everything after she became sober…

Whenever she's drunk, she gets possessed by the god of murder and has off-the-chart combat skills? What kind of magical function is this?

They were certainly too naive - how could master like just any ordinary girl?

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