Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 498: Vying

Chapter 498: Vying

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Xue Li's face darkened when he witnessed how Qin Ruo Xi was so meek and submissive when she spoke to an ignorant, rich and spoiled brat.

The middle-aged man couldn't hold it in anymore. "Since when did we have to deal with an outsider's attitude when we're here to report about work? Miss, I don't think you have the authority to stop us from seeing 9th master!"

At this moment, Xu Yi coughed lightly and explained, "Director Xue, Miss Ruo Xi, it was 9th master himself who allowed Miss Wanwan to deal with this matter. If there's anything the two of you need to report, please tell it directly to Miss Wanwan. She will pass the documents over to 9th master!"

Xue Li's words were immediately cut off by Xu Yi and Qin Ruo Xi went quiet as well.

Ye Wanwan yawned lazily and looked somewhat impatient, "Do you still have a problem?"

Qin Ruo Xi's expression kept changing. After a long while, she finally said, "Since it's what CEO Si wants, we'll hand the documents over to Miss Ye. CEO Si's still recuperating; he really shouldn't exert himself."

Xue Li got anxious when he heard her. "How could we do this? How could we let an outsider handle such an important task..."

Qin Ruo Xi glanced at Ye Wanwan. "Miss Wanwan is the future mistress - how is she an outsider?"

"What future mistress, she's obviously a..." Vixen who uses her looks to get what she wants!

Xue Li didn't dare to say the rest of his sentence out loud and could only pass the documents over to Ye Wanwan unwillingly.

Walking out of the big gate...

Xue Li still had a stomach full of anger. "Director Qin, do we really have to let this woman meddle with such an important matter? With 9th master's condition like this, he can't be thinking clearly at all. If that woman did something behind 9th master's back, the consequences will be unthinkable..."

Qin Ruo Xi furrowed her brows. "Since she's someone Ah-Jiu trusts, she probably wouldn't..."

Xue Li snapped, "As if she wouldn't! Director Qin, you think too nicely of people. That woman used the excuse of nursing 9th master's health to cling by his side. She's even meddling with the company's affairs now! Even Xu Yi's been taken in by her; she obviously has some ulterior motive here! She better not harm 9th master or bring the company down too!"

Qin Ruo Xi pinched the space between her brows. "But right now, she's the most trusted person at Ah-Jiu's side; even I can't get involved. Furthermore, I'm in an awkward position..."

Xue Li expressed some understanding in the matter - Qin Ruo Xi had always been rumored to be the most suitable candidate as the future mistress of the household and if she stepped forward to oppose Ye Wanwan right now, she would be misunderstood as vying for the position of future mistress.

"What most trusted person? CEO Si's most trusted person shouldn't be this lover of his! I think CEO Si's confused due to his illness! Director Qin, since you can't get involved, I'll do it. I'm going to the head office right now to see all the board members. I won't let this issue rest just like this!"

Xue Li straightened his lapel after speaking and strode off.

Watching Xue Li storm away, the drama of the situation slowly faded away.

"Miss Ruo Xi!" Suddenly, a teenager's voice came from behind her.

Seeing the person coming towards her, Qin Ruo Xi forced a slow smile on her face. "Liu Ying, you're back."

Liu Ying clenched his fists. "Is it true?"


"Master... his health..."

Qin Ruo Xi's expression turned gloomy. "Yes... during the family clan meeting yesterday, Ah-Jiu and the old madam announced it personally."

"How could it be..." Liu Ying was in disbelief.

He knew master's health hadn't been great all along, but he didn't know it was that serious.

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