Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 497: I'll take over

Chapter 497: I'll take over

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Xu Yi was still in a daze when Ye Wanwan said, "Take me to see them!"

Ye Wanwan stood upright after she finished speaking and walked towards the door.

When she was halfway out the door, she turned and stared at the man on the bed, still worried. "It's still early, go back to sleep."

Si Ye Han's tone had a subtle smile in it: "En."

Xu Yi stood in a daze for a long time before coming to his senses and he jogged to keep up with Ye Wanwan.

Behind them, the man looked at the retreating figure of the girl with a hint of tenderness he hadn't felt before.

Not long after Ye Wanwan left, there were sounds of extremely light paw prints stepping on the floor.

A silvery-white figure strode over to the front of the man's bed silently then it laid down on the blanket by his bedside meekly.

Si Ye Han looked at the white tiger by his bed and the tenderness in his eyes turned cold, "Slaughter, if... I don't make it..."

Si Ye Han lowered his eyes, clutched his chest and coughed lightly then reached out to stroke the white tiger's fur. "If one day I'm no longer around, be nicer to her."

Slaughter whipped its tail in annoyance and let out a low roar like he was upset and offended...



Sure enough, Qin Ruo Xi and a middle-aged man were waiting at the same spot and they both looked very anxious.

A pair of footsteps came from upstairs and both of them turned to look.

In the end, they saw that the person coming down wasn't Si Ye Han but Ye Wanwan instead. Xu Yi followed behind her.

Ye Wanwan walked straight to the sofa in the living room, sat down and said to the two people, "Please take a seat."

The person in charge of the subsidiary company, Xue Li, was taken aback and he looked at Qin Ruo Xi then asked instinctively, "Where's 9th master?"

Ye Wanwan: "You can just tell me directly if there's anything you need to discuss with him."

When Qin Ruo Xi heard that, her eyes flashed.

Xue Li frowned and said, "There are a couple urgent documents from the subsidiary company in Shen City that require 9th master's verification and signature."

Ye Wanwan nodded. "Got it, hand them over to me."

Xue Li's face turned slightly ugly and he said sternly, "These contracts are extremely important and they're also classified. They can't simply be handed over to anyone and must only be in 9th master's hands."

Ye Wanwan was unruffled and she shuffled in her position as she replied without a change in expression, "From now on, I'll take over all these matters."

What? She'll take over?

"Director Qin, this..." Xue Li instinctively turned to Qin Ruo Xi, seeking her opinion.

Qin Ruo Xi's calm face finally changed a little. "Miss Ye, this is a really crucial matter. It's better if we consult CEO Si once he's awake."

Tsk, she's finally starting to panic, huh?

It was only when Ye Wanwan came into conflict with her interests that Qin Ruo Xi realized her power.

Ye Wanwan smiled sarcastically at Qin Ruo Xi. "Sorry, Miss Qin, nothing is more crucial to me than my boyfriend's health."

Ye Wanwan's tone was arrogant and wasn't apprehensive at all.

After all, even if Qin Ruo Xi complained to the elders and old madam, her actions were justified.

Qin Ruo Xi also knew that as long as Ye Wanwan used the excuse of Si Ye Han's health, she couldn't do anything to her.

Qin Ruo Xi replied diplomatically, "We obviously care about CEO Si's health as well. If it wasn't something urgent, we wouldn't disturb him either. But these documents require CEO Si's signature before noon today and this was also arranged by CEO Si himself a month ago, so I hope Miss Ye will allow 9th master to verify this."

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