Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 480: Can't bear it

Chapter 480: Can't bear it

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Seeing that Si Xia was still standing there, Ye Wanwan urged him in a righteous manner, "Is $30 not money, huh? Your 9th uncle earns millions every minute, every hour, yet he's not complaining! Fold them now!"

She passed a stack of blue strips of paper over.

Si Xia looked at the bright strips of paper in Ye Wanwan's hands, took a deep breath and accepted them reluctantly.

What exactly am I here for...

The one who folded stars the nicest was Si Ye Han - each star had a perfect point like it was an art piece. His stars were followed by Ye Wanwan's which were average and the worst were Si Xia's loose and flimsy, ugly and out-of-shape stars...

Si Ye Han used pink strips, Si Xia used blue and Ye Wanwan used yellow. The three of them split up the work and after they were done folding 150 stars, Ye Wanwan immediately called the waitress over happily.

"We're done!"

"Miss, you guys folded them really nicely!" The waitress looked at the pink and yellow bags of stars and couldn't help but compliment them. However, when she saw Si Xia's bag, her face twitched a little.

Ye Wanwan couldn't stand it as well. "The stars in the blue bag were folded quite badly, can they even be used?"

Si Xia was massaging his aching fingers but when he heard Ye Wanwan's comment, his face darkened. She actually insulted the stars I folded!

The waitress coughed lightly and said, "No problem, they can all be used as long as the quantity is enough."

Hearing the waitress say that, Si Xia didn't look so glum anymore.

He painstakingly folded so many stars and if they couldn't even be used, he might really tear down this restaurant.

The waitress then took away the three bags of little stars but Ye Wanwan hesitated and stopped her, "Wait wait!"

"Miss, is there anything else?" the waitress asked.

Ye Wanwan thought for a while then said, "150 stars for $30 - so it means 50 stars can be exchanged for $10?"

"That's right."

"Oh, then..." Ye Wanwan kept Si Ye Han's bag of pink little stars, looked at the waitress and said, "We won't exchange this bag then. We'll use just those two bags in exchange for $20!"

"Sure!" The waitress kept the other two bags of little stars.

After the waitress left, Si Ye Han turned to Ye Wanwan. "Why aren't you exchanging this bag?"

Ye Wanwan held up the bag of little pink stars and her smile blossomed like a flower. "This bag of little stars was personally folded by the CEO of Si Corporation, master of the Si family, right? Of course I can't bear to sell them! I want to keep them as a souvenir!"

Little stars folded by the great devil are simply too rare, huh?

Si Xia: "..."

How could you exchange mine just like that?

When it was finally their turn to sit, Si Xia was almost dying from the abuse.

The restaurant was packed. There was a deliciously fragrant scent of food in the air, fresh flowers on the table and someone playing the violin in the middle of the restaurant. The atmosphere was lovely.

Currently, there were also a female host and a pair of lovers on stage who appeared like they were playing a game.

Ye Wanwan finished ordering the dishes very quickly and while they were waiting for the food, she rubbed her chin and looked at the stage. "What game is this?"

The waitress who was filling their cups explained, "This game is called Telepathy. It goes like this: the host will use a computer to randomly select ten groups of objects. Each group will contain two objects and will be shown on the big screen. The girl will choose one of the two objects then the guy will have to guess which object the girl chose. There will be a total of ten chances and a total score of ten points. The couple with the highest score tonight will receive a prize!"

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