Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 479: 9th uncle in love

Chapter 479: 9th uncle in love

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Si Xia completely exploded: "Ye Wanwan! Who's your son, huh?!

Seeing Si Xia so agitated, Ye Wanwan very kindly placated him, "Alright, alright, it's daddy and mommy bringing a very handsome son out - is that okay? Are you happier now?"

Not. a. single. bit. okay!

Si Xia buried his head on the little table and didn't want to speak anymore...

Beside him, Si Ye Han sat there in silence, looking at the girl with a crafty fox grin on her face. The iciness in his cold eyes melted away and a faint smile appeared like a light wind blowing across a lake's surface, causing layer upon layer of ripples...

Ever since he was severely injured, his temper became more violent and unpredictable; it was as if a roaring, havoc-wrecking wild beast was living inside his body that even he was unable to control and he could only watch as his own thoughts and consciousness became dominated and corroded, bit by bit.

However, those irritable moods became increasingly calmer and he almost couldn't recall when he last raged and lost control.

Ye Wanwan looked at the waitress by the side and inquired, "Hello, may I know roughly how much longer we have to wait?"

The waitress looked at their number and replied, "At this time, it's the peak hour so it will take longer to get a table. You will probably have to wait another hour and a half!"

"What? That's long!" Si Xia immediately stood up.

Ye Wanwan gave him side-eye. "My great young master, all the restaurants with slightly better business would require us to wait. Can you stop making a fuss?"

When do I ever go out without having servants all around me or VIP seating? Now I actually have to squeeze in with so many people and wait in line for so long...

Si Xia frowned. "Why should we waste our time in line? We should've just gotten Xu Yi to arrange things!"

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him. "Little child who doesn't know what fun is, keep your mouth shut!"

If she merely wanted to have a meal with Si Ye Han, she could've made reservations at a high-class restaurant, finished eating and left right away - why would she go through this hassle?

But what's the point of going on those kinds of dates?

This guy, Si Ye Han, was too otherworldly. This would be the perfect opportunity for him to experience the life of an ordinary human.

At this moment, from the corners of her eyes, Ye Wanwan saw the waitress holding something in her hand and she asked excitedly, "Eh? Is that paper for folding lucky stars?"

The waitress quickly brought out a few stacks of shiny long strips of paper and said, "Yup, these are meant for folding lucky stars. Our restaurant is having a promotion - customers that fold 150 little stars will be entitled to a $30 dining voucher. Do the three of you want to give it a try since there's still quite a long wait?"

What a great deal! We can even get a discount!

This was probably a little idea the restaurant came up with in order to retain customers and keep them occupied while waiting.

"Sure, sure! Give them to me!" Ye Wanwan immediately took them.

After speaking, she turned to Si Xia. "What're you sitting there for? Quickly help fold some stars! We'll be able to get a discount of $30!"

Si Xia stared at her in disbelief. "Are you... kidding me?"

For $30, she wants me to waste my time folding these?

Then, a low voice came from beside Ye Wanwan. Si Ye Han's long and slender fingers took a pink strip as he said, "How do I fold it?"

"I'll teach you - it's very easy! Just watch how I do it, you'll definitely pick it up!" Ye Wanwan moved closer to Si Ye Han and guided him step-by-step.

"Got it?" Ye Wanwan asked after she folded a star.

Si Ye Han's fingers moved swiftly and very soon, a little star even more perfect than the one Ye Wanwan folded appeared in his palm. "Like this?"

"Yes yes yes! Baby, you're amazing!" Ye Wanwan gave Si Ye Han a kiss on the cheek.

Si Xia looked at his cold and revered 9th uncle dressed in an expensive custom-made suit folding little stars at the moment. "..."

Do people in love have mental problems?

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