Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 457: Initial show of strength

Chapter 457: Initial show of strength

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The artists who were still engrossed in their discussion immediately went silent after they saw Xu Ming walk in.

Xu Ming had a rather impressive figure. His looks were in line with the current aesthetic taste of the moment and he had a height of around 1.8 meters, as tall as a clothes rack. There was nothing much to pick on him about his personality and on top of that, he wasn't bad at acting - he had been having strong momentum in the entertainment industry the past few years and his popularity was continuing to soar.

Xu Ming strode into the studio and the pair of arrogant eyes on his self-assured face swept around the studio. His manager, following behind him, smiled. "Ah-Ming, director Song and the others haven't arrived yet. Please wait here for a while."

Xu Ming nodded lightly. When his gaze hovered over Luo Chen and Ye Wanwan, who were a few steps away, his brows raised instinctively.

The manager noticed Xu Ming looking in that direction and followed his line of sight. He said, "Ah-Ming, Luo Chen's here today too, probably to audition for the supporting role as well."

"I know," Xu Ming replied casually.

Xu Ming suddenly walked towards Luo Chen and Ye Wanwan.

Luo Chen was adjusting his state of mind and mentally preparing for the casting later on when he saw Xu Ming walking over with his manager. His eyes flashed slightly as he subconsciously glanced at Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan calmly gave Luo Chen a meaningful glance, hinting at him to hold his horses. She then turned to look at Xu Ming, who was making his way over.

In terms of his appearance, Xu Ming could be considered quite attractive. In her past life, the role of Lin Luo Chen in "Terrifying Dragon 2" was played by Xu Ming. Even though Xu Ming had the advantage of a sponsor, his acting wasn't bad and because of "Terrifying Dragon 2," his popularity soared even higher.

It was just that...

Comparing their acting skills alone, there was a huge gap between Xu Ming and Luo Chen.

This was also why Ye Wanwan dared to allow Luo Chen to fight for the role of Lin Luo Chen.

"Luo Chen?" Xu Ming walked over to Luo Chen and Ye Wanwan. He raised his brows and had a condescending look in his eyes.

"Xu-ge." Luo Chen was younger than Xu Ming by a year and although they had never spoken before, it was better to be more polite.

Xu Ming smiled. "Luo Chen, I watched the first 'Terrifying Dragon' that you were in. It was amazing. I really liked Lin Luo Chen's role as well."

There was a hint of surprise in Luo Chen's eyes - Xu Ming actually praised him. Luo Chen could only respond politely.

But before Luo Chen could say anything, Xu Ming suddenly made a detour: "But after all these years, you never acted in any shows and now you suddenly want to act in 'Terrifying Dragon 2.' I wonder if your skills are..."

As he spoke, Xu Ming sized up Luo Chen and said, "As an actor, I understand how scary it is for your acting skills to decline after going on a hiatus for a couple years. But don't worry, even though you won't be able to handle the role of Lin Luo Chen, you can still look for other walk-on parts in 'Terrifying Dragon 2.'"

Although what Xu Ming said sounded quite courteous, there was sarcasm concealed within each and every word.

The few artists who were watching the scene naturally heard the sarcasm in Xu Ming's tone. He was clearly mocking Luo Chen for showing up to freeride on the popularity of "Terrifying Dragon 2" even though he didn't have any skills in acting.

"Xu Ming's right. Luo Chen disappeared for such a long time and he only ever acted in the first series of 'Terrifying Dragon' in his entire career, right? He really thinks he can take away the role of Lin Luo Chen from Xu Ming, huh?"

"Exactly, he doesn't have an understanding of his own abilities and thinks that victory is in his hands due to being from the original cast, huh? He should see for himself... now, regardless of whether it's skills, popularity or background, he can't compare with Xu Ming!"

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