Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 456: Casting

Chapter 456: Casting

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After Ye Wanwan sent Han Xian Yu off, she suddenly remembered the voice messages Gong Xu sent. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Is this guy magic or something? Why doesn't he set up a stall to read people's fortunes? He got so many things right even when he was just blabbering casually. He could totally steal some fortune-telling business from me!

In the next two days, Ye Wanwan took note of Zhou Wen Bin's movements while she quickly went through the script with Luo Chen.

Zhou Wen Bin didn't seem to be plotting anything; Ye Wanwan had no idea what he had up his sleeves.

As for Gong Xu, he had always been very high profile. The whole world knew he was looking for someone and not only did he mobilize his fans, but he even mobilized everyone around him. Now the entire industry knew about it.

Luckily, Ye Wanwan rarely dressed as a girl in her neighborhood and would wear a mask if she did. Even if anyone saw her in the shop that day, the possibility of finding her was slim.

This kind of incident would probably pass after a week when they couldn't find her, so Ye Wanwan wasn't very worried about it and focused on preparing for the casting.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the casting.

The launch of the "Terrifying Dragon 2" project caused a huge buzz; many actors worked very hard to get a piece of the action.

On the day of the casting, a few actors arrived very early at the casting venue. Since Song Jin Lin and the others hadn't arrived, the actors gathered together and started chatting.

"I heard Ling Shao Zhe's already confirmed as the male lead?"

"Of course he is. Not only was he part of the original cast of 'Terrifying Dragon,' he also calls the shots at Emperor Sky Entertainment and he's insanely popular now. Now that he's willing to make some time to continue acting in this role, that's exactly what the director wants," a starlet said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I heard they wanted to use the original cast for the filming of 'Terrifying Dragon 2'."

Just as these people were chatting amongst themselves, Ye Wanwan walked in with Luo Chen.

Everyone looked up. The moment they noticed the two people who walked in, their gazes became odd.

"Original cast? Oh... here comes another one from the cast." One of the starlets sized up Luo Chen who was standing beside Ye Wanwan, a tinge of ridicule in his eyes.

"Before, when Terrifying Dragon was just released, this Luo Chen was also popular for a period of time, but now..."

That person didn't finish his sentence but the others knew exactly what he meant.

Luo Chen's performance in Terrifying Dragon wasn't bad. He also used to be really popular but this only lasted a year. After that, there was no news of Luo Chen at all while Ling Shao Zhe, who debuted at the same time as him and acted in Terrifying Dragon with him, became more and more successful. Today, he was at a position where ordinary actors couldn't compare to him.

They were two people who came from the same TV series, yet after a few years, they were a world apart.

"'Terrifying Dragon 2' mentioned they preferred the original cast, but that's not set in stone... Luo Chen has been so quiet all these years - how could it be that easy for him to come back to fight for this part? I heard that... the supporting role has already been given to Xu Ming behind closed doors."

"Xu Ming? Isn't he the godson of one of the sponsors for 'Terrifying Dragon 2'? Then I think... Luo Chen probably doesn't stand a chance anymore."

"What does he expect? Does he really think he's still the same actor as before? He only became slightly famous from a little Weibo post. He should be grateful he's even being considered for the casting!"

The starlets gathered together and mocked him between themselves. None of them thought that Luo Chen had the slightest chance of getting the supporting role.

Although they weren't speaking loudly, their conversation was more or less heard by Luo Chen and Ye Wanwan.

Luo Chen's face stiffened when he heard Xu Ming's name.

"Ye-ge..." Luo Chen wanted to speak but he stopped and looked at Ye Wanwan. The level of trust in his eyes had obviously decreased.

Ye Wanwan looked at Luo Chen's expression. She raised her brows and asked, "Why? Scared now?"

Luo Chen shook his head immediately. "No, I..."

"Don't think about anything else. Just remember that from the moment the casting begins, you're Lin Luo Chen." Ye Wanwan looked into Luo Chen's unsettled eyes with vigor.

Luo Chen looked at Ye Wanwan's eyes and his heart shuddered.

He lowered his gaze and recalled everything Ye Wanwan had done to prepare him for the casting as he clenched his fists.

Ye-ge painstakingly planned and prepared this rare opportunity for me. I must not let him down!

When Luo Chen lifted his head once again, the unsettledness in his eyes had disappeared completely.

Ye Wanwan saw the determination in Luo Chen's eyes and the corners of her lips lifted into a smile.

Just at this moment, Xu Ming, who was accompanied by his manager, walked into the studio.

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