Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 454: Go to hell!

Chapter 454: Go to hell!

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Ye Wanwan continued scrolling down quickly and to her horror, Gong Xu even drew a portrait of her!

Damn! I'm screwed!

Ye Wanwan's heart beat harder and faster. She felt hesitant to keep scrolling down.

She only dared to open her eyes a tiny sliver; her fingers trembled as she scrolled down...

After seeing that portrait clearly, Ye Wanwan froze once again.


Gong Xu, go to hell!

What nonsense did he draw?

Other than getting the color of my clothes right, which part of this looks anything like me?

While she mocked him, Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief, thankful that he didn't have any artistic talent at all.


If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have been so kind to give him any candied plums seeing as he's so pitiful...

Now everyone was on the lookout for her and she wasn't sure whether anyone took notice of her when she bought the candied plums. It seemed like she had to be more cautious these next few days and avoid being in the vicinity of the apartment dressed as a girl.


The next day, Ye Wanwan changed into a male outfit and wore a mask just in case. She headed down to the Candy Dessert Shop discreetly to nose around.

Although Gong Xu's reputation was in complete ruin, he was still very popular - his title as the "Little Prince of Scandals" was legitimate. But within one night, the Candy Dessert Shop quickly became a place of interest - many fans dropped by and were even taking photos for memories' sake. With these gossipy passers-by, the entire street was packed.

There were also reporters who were interviewing the shop assistant who worked that night.

Ye Wanwan stood in the crowd and pricked her ears, listening.

Reporter: "Hello Miss, were you the shop assistant who served the Little Candied Plum Fairy?"

Shop assistant: "Yes, since there were only three boxes of candied plums left, that lady bought all of them, so I have a bit of an impression of her, plus that girl..."

Reporter: "What about that girl?"

Shop assistant: "That girl was extremely stunning!"

The reporter said, excited: "Really? Extremely stunning?"

Shop assistant: "Yes, it's that kind of... classic beauty! I've seen many actors and actresses while working here, along with some A-listers. At the time, I thought this girl was some superstar, but I didn't find her familiar at all and was sure I hadn't seen her on any TV shows, so she probably wasn't someone from the entertainment industry!"

The reporter probed excitedly, "Then could you please describe the girl's looks?"

The shop assistant hesitated and replied apologetically, "I'm sorry, this implicates the customer's privacy. I can't answer that."

The reporter persisted several times but was rejected politely by the shop assistant.

Listening up to this point, Ye Wanwan felt relieved.

Thankfully, this shop followed some rules, but even if the shop assistant described her appearance, it would be pretty much impossible to find her with just a verbal description.

Ye Wanwan lingered for a while before heading back to the apartment. She still had to talk through the script with Luo Chen today.

Shortly after she returned, there was a knock on the door.

Ye Wanwan thought it was Luo Chen but it was Han Xian Yu instead.

"Xian Yu? Why're you so free today? Are you done filming the commercial?" Ye Wanwan opened the door.

"I finished filming and returned last night." Han Xian Yu stepped inside while asking in a gossipy tone, "Oh right, have you seen Gong Xu's recent scandal?"

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly. "Yes, why?"

"Many people are saying she might be someone living in our apartment building, but I don't have any impression of the girl Gong Xu described!"

Ye Wanwan's face darkened slightly. It was impossible that Han Xian Yu could've seen that girl before since she rarely dressed as a female in the area. Who would've expected that she would get into this situation just by buying some desserts?

"How did he describe me?" Ye Wanwan asked subconsciously.

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