Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 453: Ill-fated encounter!

Chapter 453: Ill-fated encounter!

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This means that...

I'm sweeter than candied plums?

Ye Wanwan stood still in his embrace and turned to look at him, surprised that Si Ye Han actually had this level of EQ.

Could this be because he's dying?

I feel that Si Ye Han seems... much gentler lately...

While Ye Wanwan entertained these thoughts, Si Ye Han answered a call while still holding her in his embrace.

After listening to the other party on the phone speak for a while, he replied expressionlessly, "No need to send him to the Prosecution Hall, just dump him at Dragon Burial Hill."

Dragon Burial Hill is a burial site for unmarked graves, located in the suburbs...

When Ye Wanwan heard that, her face darkened.

It's such a romantic moment, can't he mind his tone?

What EQ? It was really just a fleeting moment after all.


Before going to bed, Ye Wanwan had the habit of scanning through some entertainment news. That night, she realized Gong Xu's name was everywhere.

"Gong Xu's new darling," "Little Candied Plum Fairy's online," "the whole nation looks for the Candied Plum Girl," "a love sparked by a box of candied plums," "Gong Xu's empty confession to a passerby"...

Gong Xu's back?

Seeing Gong Xu's name, Ye Wanwan's interest was piqued. After all, Gong Xu was Zhou Wen Bin's strongest playing card.

But what on earth are Little Candied Plum Fairy and Candied Plum Girl?

Ye Wanwan quickly opened one of the articles and found out Gong Xu had posted on his Weibo that he was looking for someone.

The entertainment industry's playboy seemed to have his eyes set on a passerby.

As a public figure, his popularity took a hit from a recent scandal, yet he actually dared to post something like this on his Weibo so soon afterwards. Plus, it was a confession that he was looking for someone; he definitely wasn't your average person... he was rich and willful.

Zhou Wen Bin was probably completely stressed out over this.

Considering Gong Xu's background, he was a very powerful playing card indeed, but it was probably not an easy task managing him.

Ye Wanwan continued reading the contents of the Weibo post like it was no big deal while she mocked him.

[This evening at 8:16 pm, at the entrance of the Candy Dessert Shop, I fell into the river of love...]

The moment she read the first line, Ye Wanwan was somewhat surprised - the incident actually took place at the location she was at not too long ago.

But when she read the second line, Ye Wanwan froze.

[Please help me find that little fairy who bought the last three boxes of candied plums]...?

There was only one Candy Dessert Shop in all of Imperial City and it was located under her apartment. The person who bought the last three boxes of candied plums... wasn't that me?!

Damn! What's going on here!!!

Ye Wanwan was stunned for quite some time then she quickly continued reading. She saw his public confession——

[She gifted me a box of candied plums but stole my heart away...]

"..." Ye Wanwan's jaw dropped. She was in a daze for at least ten seconds before coming to her senses. She was completely stupefied.

Not only was she the one who bought the last three boxes of candied plums tonight, but she was also the one who gave a box away.

She read the post again carefully - even the time and place... matched...

So that masked man I met at the dessert shop just now... was actually Gong Xu?!

She had been wondering whether he was some star, but who could've guessed that not only was he a star, he was actually Zhou Wen Bin's strongest playing card!

Must it be such a coincidence! Truly... enemies walk on narrow roads...

What kind of ill-fated meeting was this?!

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