Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 445: Inspect his homework

Chapter 445: Inspect his homework

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"Brother Ye, you're back!" Even though the little sheep tried to compose himself, he was unable to conceal the excitement in his eyes.

With Luo Chen's insecure character, his imagination probably ran wild when Ye Wanwan left for so many days without any news.

Ye Wanwan didn't waste any time. She said directly, "Pack up and get over to my place. I'll talk you through the plan."

"En." Luo Chen didn't hesitate. He nodded immediately and followed her.

Grand View Park:

"Sit anywhere you want." Ye Wanwan removed her coat then poured a glass of water for him.

Compared to the previous time he went to her place, Luo Chen was no longer as tense and was much calmer.

Ye Wanwan sat on the sofa, ready to inspect his homework.

Luo Chen stared at the script in Ye Wanwan's hands, looking a little nervous.

Ye Wanwan was holding the script, yet she didn't look at it. She simply went ahead and chose a scene: "Act 13, scene 7."

This was the scene where Lin Luo Chen killed someone.

The plot was very simple - Lin Luo Chen killed a righteous martial artist with one blow of his sword then turned around and left.

There were no lines; this scene was solely based on facial expressions and body movements.

Ye Wanwan mainly wanted to see how well Luo Chen understood the role of Lin Luo Chen in the second series through this act.

"We'll look at this scene then. Do you have any problems?" Ye Wanwan raised her head and asked.

Luo Chen shook his head. "No problem."

Luo Chen walked to the middle of the living room, took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Three minutes later, when he opened his eyes again, his gaze was filled with a cold, murderous intent.

Luo Chen placed one hand on his back. He used the other to draw his sword and impaled the person's heart. His expression no longer had the innocence and purity of a teenager; it was evil, cold and bloodthirsty. The way he stared at his opponent was as terrifying as a demon.

After some time, Luo Chen recovered from his role. He turned to look at Ye Wanwan and looked somewhat nervous as he awaited Ye Wanwan's critique.

Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and pondered for a moment. "En... you acted well as the great devil..."

After speaking, she paused before continuing: "But it's a bit too superficial!"

Ye Wanwan got up and stood face-to-face with Luo Chen.

*Swish* She used the script as a sword and pierced Luo Chen's heart. Then she instantly pulled it out without wasting a second.

Her eyes were just as Luo Chen interpreted - they were evil, cold and bloodthirsty, but the difference was that there was no murderous intent.

What replaced it was indifference - a kind of contempt and detachment that appeared to show an extreme lack of regard.

It was as if the person standing before her wasn't a human but a thing that had no life.

"Can you tell the difference?" Ye Wanwan asked.

A cold sweat started forming on Luo Chen's forehead until Ye Wanwan asked a question that dispersed the immense pressure. Hearing what she said, he was a little shaken.

He knew she had much greater deductive skills than him, but he didn't understand why.

Why was it that she didn't have any murderous intent, yet she was able to make him feel so terrified?

Ye Wanwan explained patiently, "The Lin Luo Chen at that time had already gone through all kinds of injustice and torment; his temperament had undergone a drastic change - you displayed this point well. But what's the biggest difference between him and the old Lin Luo Chen? Do you know?"

Luo Chen lowered his gaze and thought for a moment before answering hesitantly, "Yes... the appreciation he had for life?"

Ye Wanwan revealed a smile. Luo Chen's perceptions weren't bad indeed; a hint was all he needed.

"That's right, it's the appreciation he had for life. If he considered people's lives, he would have a murderous intent, but if he viewed life like grass and dirt when he killed, there would only be indifference in his eyes!"

Luo Chen's eyes brightened up like he just gained enlightenment. "I get it!"

"En..." Ye Wanwan nodded and was about to speak. At this moment, her phone started ringing and the caller ID indicated that the incoming call was from Xu Yi.

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