Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 444: Money-crushing strength

Chapter 444: Money-crushing strength

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Following that, Ye Wanwan brainwashed Xu Yi for a long time. The main point was that she encouraged him to be a tattletale and if 9th master went into a rage, she'd back Xu Yi up.

If she couldn't back him up, there was still the old madam!

Lately, the old madam was aware she had been monitoring Si Ye Han's recuperation and would definitely take her side.

Maybe this is due to the joy and relaxation of being with someone he likes? The old madam observed that her grandson was indeed much more relaxed when he was with Wanwan.

Also, she realized that her previous discovery was not a coincidence; Little 9th seemed to really sleep better with Wanwan around.

But she just wasn't sure how much these things that Wanwan was doing could change Si Ye Han's condition...

After all, according to Zhong Li's investigation, Wanwan had been together with Little 9th for two years. During those two years, Little 9th's condition didn't improve, so she really didn't dare get her hopes up. With Little 9th's current situation, whether or not his health would improve...

Even Dr. Sun determined that no medication could save him, so how could she pin her hopes on a girl...

After Ye Wanwan left the old residence, the first thing she did was eat a meal at her parents' place.

During dinner, her parents naturally brought up the topic of her boyfriend. With Si Ye Han's current condition, Ye Wanwan could only say that her boyfriend was very busy with work and she would definitely bring him to meet them when she got a chance.

After that, Ye Wanwan quickly drove to the office.

Ye Wanwan returned to her office, turned on her computer and dealt with a few emails and some publicity from magazines and newspapers. She then headed to the training room to look for Luo Chen.

The little sheep was pretty hardworking - he was dripping sweat in the training studio.

He was well-worth her efforts indeed.

Although she established a very good starting point for Luo Chen, this didn't mean that there would be no problems at all.

The competition this time was extremely intense - the competitors for the male lead and supporting role were almost all A-listers and above. Luo Chen's only advantage was that he was the original actor playing Lin Luo Chen.

Although having the "original cast" was one of the most important factors for consideration, it was definitely not the only factor. The opinions of the sponsors, especially regarding the popularity of the artists, had a great impact as well.

Luo Chen only had one greatest competitor this time - the actor chosen for the role of Lin Luo Chen in Ye Wanwan's previous life.

Since being reborn, Luo Chen's fate changed, but Ye Wanwan couldn't be sure that this change would be enough to shake up the outcome of the casting from her previous life.

In her previous life, the male lead for "Terrifying Dragon 2" was still the original male lead, a popular young man under the Ye family's Emperor Sky Entertainment, Ling Shao Zhe.

Ling Shao Zhe and Luo Chen started their careers at the same time and also gained popularity because of "Terrifying Dragon."

That time, although Luo Chen acted in a supporting role, his role was too popular so he became even more popular than the male lead, Ling Shao Zhe.

But today, Ling Shao Zhe was now a young man with some power at Emperor Sky Entertainment. His popularity was also comparable to Han Xian Yu and Gong Xu, and in everyone's eyes, Luo Chen had vanished.

In her previous life, the supporting role of "Terrifying Dragon 2" was a thorny problem. It wasn't because Ling Shao Zhe's acting skills were fantastic, nor was he the most popular artist among the other competitors, but he was the godson of a sponsor.

And Luo Chen... could only rely on his abilities.

The kind of ability strong enough to crush money...

Ye Wanwan already wasted quite a bit of time while accompanying Si Ye Han to country B. Now there were only three days left until the casting, so she had to quickly discuss the plan with Luo Chen.

Ye Wanwan stopped her train of thought and called out to the youth in the training studio: "Luo Chen!"

Seeing the man at the door, the youth's eyes lit up. He wiped his sweat and quickly jogged over to the door. "Ye-ge!"

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