Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 436: Will he get better?

Chapter 436: Will he get better?

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The old madam walked over to Sun Bai Cao, extremely emotional. "Half a year! How could he only have half a year left! Dr. Sun, is there really no other way? Please, I'm begging you, think of something else! No matter how much money you want or resources you need, I have the power to make decisions in this household. I can get it done for you!"

Sun Bai Cao shook his head. "Old madam, I'm really sorry. Although I'm a medical expert, I'm of no use to 9th young master. What he needs is to reinforce his vital essence and strengthen his primordial qi - this along with the detox of the five organs are only carried out during sleep. Even with the use of any nutritional food or supplements, the restoration of the five organs and six bowels all require ample rest. In plain words, sleep is a fundamental need for all human beings; if he can't even get the most basic thing right, all my treatments would be futile!"

The old madam immediately yelled towards the door: "Where's Mo Xuan?! Get Mo Xuan here right now!"

Xu Yi, who had been waiting at the door, walked in immediately. "Old madam, the master... sent Mo Xuan to take a break."

"What did you say?" The old madam was shocked then extremely furious. "Don't you people know how to talk him out of things when he's acting foolish, huh? Go find Mo Xuan this instant!"

Faced with the fuming old madam, Xu Yi could only rush to find Mo Xuan. "Yes..."

When Si Ye Han heard he only had half a year left, he didn't even have the slightest wrinkle between his brows. "Grandma, I'm fine. It's my body - I know it best."

The old madam's eyes were red. "What do you know?! Your condition is already like this, yet you still say you know better?!"

Outside the house, both overtly and covertly, there were many pairs of eyes watching him like a tiger watched its prey, eagerly awaiting his death.

Right now, everyone thought he fainted from overexertion; if those people found out he only had six months to live, could they sit still? They would all try to swallow him whole!

"Little 9th, how could you be so willful and joke with your health?! Why did you allow Mo Xuan to take a break?" The old madam chided him.

Si Ye Han replied expressionlessly, "He's of no use even if he stays."

The old madam was exasperated. "You... no matter how useless he is, he could at least make you feel a little better!"

Actually, the old madam knew that even if Mo Xuan came back, considering her grandson's current condition, it would be useless.

When she thought about how her grandson was left with six months to live and how she had to witness his death before her own, the old madam felt a deep grief as she sobbed silently.

At this moment, Ye Wanwan snapped back to reality from her memories and after some pondering, she turned to Sun Bai Cao and asked, "Old Dr. Sun, then... if he follows your recommendations strictly and recuperates starting from now, will he get better for sure?"

Sun Bai Cao stroked his beard and looked like he was in a difficult position. "If he's able to abstain from getting angry, quit being hot-tempered, stop tiring himself out and takes all his medications, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment and most importantly, if he ensures a minimum of eight hours of sleep daily. He's still young now, so there may be a chance of recovery, but I can't guarantee how much better he'll get - this depends on the individual."

Sun Bai Cao shook his head after he was done talking. His words were simply assumptions, just empty words. Just how many could Si Ye Han follow through with?

If he really could follow all of them, his body wouldn't be in this state today.

The old madam obviously knew this as well, so she was in a deep despair.

After all's said and done, don't tell me I'm still unable to keep Little 9th alive...

If she had known...

If she had known, she wouldn't have allowed Little 9th to walk this path...

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