Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 435: Left with half a year

Chapter 435: Left with half a year

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Sun Bai Cao shook his head and sighed heavily. "His five organs are severely damaged. He might simply faint once in a while now, but in the future, his immune system will worsen and his body will get weaker. His organs will start to fail as well..."

"How... how did this happen..." the old madam's face turned increasingly pale as she listened. She said anxiously, "Dr. Sun, didn't you say Little 9th would get better if he took care of his health?"

Sun Bai Cao replied helplessly, "That's right, I did mention that before. The efficacy of 9th young master's medications are limited and we can only rely on them to help him slowly recuperate. Recuperating is easy for others, but for 9th young master, it's as difficult as ascending to the skies."

"His chronic illness is already in his body, and his insomnia not only makes it impossible for him to get enough rest, but it's like adding hail to the snow. This time, he didn't listen to my advice and overworked his body again, causing more damage and hastening his chronic illness!"

"That fact that he was able to survive until now without collapsing far exceeds my expectations. According to my predictions, he should've already had the onset of disease a few months ago..."

The old madam forced herself to remain calm and her fingers trembled as she asked, "Dr. Sun, give me an accurate answer - can we still save Little 9th now? Just how serious is his illness now?"

"This..." Sun Bai Cao glanced at Si Ye Han somewhat apprehensively.

After all, as a doctor, there were some things he shouldn't say in front of the patient.

Si Ye Han was expressionless from beginning till end; his cold expression looked as if they weren't talking about his health or maybe life and death didn't matter to him at all.

Hearing this, Si Ye Han replied plainly, "It's fine, Dr. Sun. Please be direct."

Sun Bai Cao knew this master's attitude, so he answered directly. "According to my conservative calculations, if this continues, 9th young master would have at most... half a year left."

What... half a year?!

Hearing what Sun Bai Cao said, the old madam suddenly blacked out and nearly fainted.

Even Ye Wanwan by the side had a change of expression.

He won't live past half a year? How could that be?!

In her previous life, Si Ye Han was still alive when they got a divorce. Also, he wasn't severely injured this time, so his situation should've been much better than before. Why was his condition so serious?

Just what exactly went wrong?

Ye Wanwan tried her hardest to remember all the details in her past life and after a long time, she finally understood the reason why...

In her past life, Si Ye Han did live a long time and didn't die but in those few years, because his organs were failing, he went through several major operations.

Si Ye Han was the master of the Si family, the backbone of the entire family. In order to save him, the Si family naturally tried everything at all costs; even if it meant changing all the organs in his body, they didn't hesitate to do it to extend his life.

In her previous life, she wasn't as concerned about Si Ye Han's condition and only knew he kept getting operations done. However, the word "operation" became such a common word that didn't have any meaning behind it. Furthermore, Si Ye Han rarely showed his suffering and weak side to her and he acted almost the same as an ordinary person.

However, in reality, his health was probably already plagued with illnesses at that point and he still had to undergo so many consecutive major operations.

As his health was extremely weak, his organs deteriorated rapidly. Even after changing his organs and surviving the rejection response by a fluke, his new organs started to fail in one or two years' time and needed a change then he'd have to undergo another operation...

She couldn't even handle the pain Si Ye Han had to endure just by going through these memories in her head.

Living through the repetitive and endless torture from operation after operation, he might've been better off dead.

But the Si Ye Han in her previous life forcefully dragged his life out for such a long time even after being diagnosed with half a year left...

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