Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 383: You're not allowed to leave!

Chapter 383: You're not allowed to leave!

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Ye Wanwan soaked in the ice bath for almost half a day before crawling out of the bathtub, freezing and shivering.

She had never gone through such torture ever since being reborn; she really risked such high stakes by playing with her health...

After returning to the living room, Ye Wanwan packed everything she prepared the past few days and stuffed it all into a huge piece of luggage. Then she brought it along and returned to Jin garden.

When she flagged a taxi to head to Jin garden, it was already late at night.

Ye Wanwan passed the luggage in her hand to the servant to bring upstairs then casually asked, "Is 9th master back yet?"

"Miss Wanwan, he isn't," the servant replied.

When Ye Wanwan heard that, she creased her brows tightly.

For this project, Si Ye Han had been working non-stop for almost three whole years and lately, since this was a critical period, he worked overtime every day and couldn't get even three hours of sleep.

And this was even with Ye Wanwan monitoring him closely, forcing him to take a nap whenever she saw an opportunity.

She knew the state of his body very well; she knew very well that if he continued on this way, his health would decline dramatically, yet she didn't have any ideas on how to stop him...

Ye Wanwan laid in bed and waited until dawn, but Si Ye Han still hadn't returned.

When she woke up, it was already the morning of the next day. There were remnants of a familiar, cold aura next to her.

Seeing the bright sky outside, Ye Wanwan sobered up instantly, got up and bolted down the stairs.

She saw a couple of cars parked at the entrance from afar. One of the people standing nearby was Si Ye Han's main driver while the others were his bodyguards.

Si Ye Han was discussing some matters to his servant at Jin garden and when he was done, he walked towards the gate.

Xu Yi jogged in front and opened the door of the backseat. Liu Ying and the others were also preparing to get into the car.

Seeing that Si Ye Han was about to leave, Ye Wanwan's eyes constricted immediately and she dashed over as fast as she could...

Just when Si Ye Han took a step into the car, a strong force charged into him from behind.

In the next second, he was hugged tightly at the waist by a bundle of sweet-smelling softness.

Si Ye Han was startled for a second then he turned around.

After that, he saw that Ye Wanwan's hair was in a total mess and she was dressed in her pajamas with only one slipper on. She was panting and her whole face was filled with anxiety.

"You're not allowed to leave!"

Si Ye Han stared at her bare foot and frowned. "Where's your other shoe?"

Considering the situation right now, who cares about my shoe?!

Ye Wanwan panted as she grabbed onto Si Ye Han's arm tightly and repeated anxiously, "Don't go! Don't go overseas! Don't go to country B!"

In a moment, Xu Yi, Liu Ying, the bodyguards and everyone else's eyes were on Ye Wanwan.

The servants saw what was happening and hurriedly ran to pick up Ye Wanwan's slipper.

Si Ye Han was about to help her put it on, but Ye Wanwan was so agitated that she kicked her other slipper off as well. "Don't bother with the slippers! Are you listening to me? DON'T GO TO COUNTRY B!"

Ye Wanwan's mood had been fluctuating and unpredictable, hot-tempered and irritable lately, and Si Ye Han had gotten used to it. He brushed this off as another tantrum of hers and said, "I'll be back in a week."

Ye Wanwan was furious-- come back my a**! Yes, yes, you'll be back, but you would barely be alive by then!

Ye Wanwan whimpered and glued herself to him, "No leaving, no leaving! I'm not feeling well! It's torture - are you just going to leave me alone here?"

Si Ye Han knitted his brows. "Where are you feeling unwell?"

Ye Wanwan replied instantly, "I feel faint and my vision's blurry, my limbs are weak, and I can't even breathe properly... it must be a fever..."

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