Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 382: Inflicting an injury on oneself to trick the enemy

Chapter 382: Inflicting an injury on oneself to trick the enemy

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"Grandma, Qin Yu understands. We shouldn't air our dirty laundry in public."

The socialite wanted to say more, but she was worried that going too far was as bad as falling short, so she bid farewell to the old madam and left obediently.

After the socialite left, the old madam recovered her calm countenance. "Old Zhong, go get someone to investigate."

She knew her grandson wasn't someone who was reckless, so she didn't ask about Ye Wanwan's identity and past, even when she knew her family background differed drastically from Si Ye Han's. She didn't mind - as long as her grandson fancied this girl, this weary, old body would go all out to support his decision.

But on the premise that this woman was true towards Ah Jiu!

She would not easily trust an outsider's words, but she had to find out the truth behind this. Since she knew about the rumors, she couldn't sit by and do nothing.

"Yes," the old housekeeper replied.

During the gradually deepening night.

The old madam couldn't sleep the entire night.

The next morning, the housekeeper placed the information he gathered in front of her as fast as he could.

"Old madam, I already sent people to check - once a person comes in contact with the kind of drug Miss Qin Yu stated in her report, he or she would be addicted for life. Miss Ye has been living in Jin garden these two years. According to the private doctors in Jin garden, they did a full body checkup on Miss Ye and everything was normal - there was no sign of that drug in her body, so it was most likely a rumor."

The old madam's expression relaxed slightly and she indicated for him to continue.

Thus, housekeeper Zhong continued: "As for her promiscuity, it's completely baseless. Miss Ye's social circle is very pure, it's just that..."

"Just that what?"

"Just that it was true that Miss Ye had a fiance before she met 9th master, but we can't exactly say that Miss Ye betrayed 9th master since she didn't choose to be with 9th master willingly..."

The old madam was clearly surprised by this result. After all, there wasn't a woman who didn't like her grandson.

"Then why did she and Ah Jiu look so loving before?"

"This... people have emotions after all... maybe they developed feelings for one another after being together for some time..." Housekeeper Zhong considered his words carefully before answering.

The old madam took a deep breath. The space between her brows was filled with weariness. "I don't have any expectations of her and I don't care how they met. Since they're together now, I only wish for her to be true towards Ah Jiu."

Housekeeper Zhong consoled her: "Ever since 9th young master fell in love, he did change for the better and Miss Ye doesn't seem like a treacherous sort of person."

"Today, I even heard from assistant Xu Yi that Miss Ye especially rushed down to the company to urge 9th young master to have his meal. You know that 9th young master doesn't care about anything else once he starts working, but that Miss Ye had her way with him and insisted that 9th young master eat his meal even if she had to feed him; she even accompanied 9th master for a short time on the road."

"The children can take care of themselves. 9th young master is blessed by the ancestors, old madam, so you don't have to worry too much."

The old madam relaxed slightly and sighed. "I hope so."


During the week, Ye Wanwan had been closely monitoring Si Ye Han's whereabouts and movements, watching Si Ye Han's diet and sleep.

Time flew by and Si Ye Han would be going overseas the next day.

The past few days, she hadn't found a suitable time or reason to stop him.

She thought about it carefully--Si Ye Han could've given in to her over unimportant matters but with such a big issue like this, he would never allow her to mess it up.

Pillow talk and beauty traps couldn't possibly work, so she was probably only left with...the ruse of inflicting an injury on herself to trick the enemy...

Ye Wanwan was exasperated. She didn't have a choice, so she could only grit her teeth, drag out the trays of ice that she prepared in the freezer and poured them all into the bathtub...

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